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  1. I've been mislead - badly

    And you may be too. About a year and half ago, I began treatment with Invisalign. I agreed to go with the treatment because the projection was 24 trays. I expected to go longer, perhaps 30 to 36 trays, as Invisalign never ever projects accurately. It is not possible to pinpoint a completion date, everyone is different.

    About 16 trays in, they were not fitting, so back for a scan. Tray count went to 39. I was concerned to say the least, as my bite had worsened - bottom teeth were now hitting the back of my top teeth. Painfully. Fast forward to now. Tray 37 is done, back for a scan because teeth are far from straight and the bite issue is 100% uncorrected, and is in fact worse.

    Today I show up at the dentist, and they unveil the plan for 70 (SEVENTY !!!) trays. WTF. Back when I signed up for this, I stated flatly that I would not do this if it were longer than 18 months. The initial plan looked fine.

    So I am feeling very mislead, even lied to. 3X initial marketing promise is not within a reasonable margin of error. Not even close.


    1. If you want orthodonture, see an orthodontist. They are trained properly and can spot nonsense fast.
    2. Dont't rely on a general dentist no matter how much you like them. Invisalign markets to them a program to make money. And they are not fully qualified. Period.
    3. Don't ever expect Invisalign to be truthful or accurate. I know 5 people in my circle of freind who similarly complain about the vast underestimation of time and trays.

    Invisalign works, but for the love of God, see a professional.

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    Sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately, many people do not recognize that Invisalign results will differ depending on who you see for your treatment.

    -Invisalign is not responsible for the length of your treatment time or the number of trays. The doctor you are seeing is responsible for this and if there is a problem with the length of time for treatment if you have been wearing your trays, it is squarely on the provider.

    -orthodontists are trained experts in tooth movement, but much of that is not with Invisalign. They are in general, as a group, more knowledgeable about the use of Invisalign, but there is a wide range in skill level and experience even amongst orthodontists.

    In other words, Invisalign works well when planned well by the doctor and when worn well by the patient. Hope you can come to a satisfactory resolution.
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    Sorry for your disappointing experience, but well said!!! I would recommend finding an ORTHODONTIST versus a DENTIST for better results... especially a Premier Provider that has lots of experience.

    A general dentist with Elite ranking clearly has a lot of Invisalign experience and may provide care comparable to that provided by an orthodontist. On the other hand an orthodontist with experience in using not only Invisalign but other treatment systems may have a broader approach that would serve you well -particularly if your treatment needs are complex. I suggest arranging a consultation with both and selecting the person to do your treatment based on your comfort with not only the doctors, but also their office atmosphere and staff. The likelihood is that either practitioner can meet your expectations. Choose the one in which you feel you have the most confidence!
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