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Thread: Help!!! D:

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    Help!!! D:

    I'm going back to discuss refinements with my orthodontist tomorrow and I'm really concerned about the sorts of answers he's given me in the past. If anyone could help me with the following qus it would be really helpful :)

    1. Can the midline of my lower arch be fixed (approx 1mm) with Invisalign?(I also have a gap right in the midline on the lower arch that is almost that width)
    2. I have one tooth that is 'hiding' behind another that makes it look like I'm missing a tooth when I smile, is it possible to widen that area so it can bee seen the same at the other side? Right now all you can see on one side is the attachment. If you cover both attachments you can still see one tooth but not the other :(
    The rest of my concerns are things like rotation that I knew I was going to need refinements on so I'm not worried about that.
    I just feel like my orthodontist is constantly pushing me toward fixed braces rather than Invisalign.

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    I have a significant midline shift and my orthodontist said it's impossible to align without the use of fixed braces and even removal of a couple of teeth. I am in refinements now and discussed my concerns with the orthodontist at the time he ordered the refinements.
    I would suggest you discuss your concerns with your orthodontist and let him/her know your expectations of treatment so you will know if refinements can make the corrections.
    Good luck!

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    Looks like reasonable progress going to refinement :).

    The midlines can likely be achieved with closing the space or additional IPR.

    With regards to the teeth "hiding" behind the others, it depends on the condition of the gums, width of your upper jaw, as well as the current position of the teeth.
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