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    Switching Orthodontists Mid-Invisalign

    If I already have a file open with Invisalign (I've gone through the 3 rounds of refinement already), and I am switching orthodontists, would Invisalign require a new lab fee? Or can I proceed with a new orthodontist and just reorder another round for the reorder (smaller) fee, so that the cost of treatment would theoretically exclude the lab fee, potentially reducing the new fees with the new orthodontist?

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    Your original contract with your doctor provided for three refinements. The contract between Invisalign and your doctor provided him/her with 3 refinements and there is a smaller lab fee that is available to the doctor for additional refinements (smaller than a full new case). However, not all doctors provide refinements free of charge. In other words, what the doctor can pay for your lab case is not that relevant. What is relevant is the contract you have signed.

    The cost of treatment is going to depend on whatever arrangement you make with the new office. I would not expect much of a discount because the new office will have to pay for each additional refinement you require. In addition, most patients transferring mid-treatment for Invisalign for reasons other than geography will often have more difficult work to correct than if starting out from the beginning. Granted you may find a small discount from some offices to try to enroll you as a patient, but experienced Invisalign doctors will have treatment fees based upon the amount of time and level of difficulty.

    Good luck!
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