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    Question about the home stretch and tooth shaping?

    Hi everyone! I can't believe that I'm wearing my next to last set of aligners. In exactly two weeks, I'll have an appointment with my ortho to prepare for retention with a possible iTero rescan for Vivera if my final trays don't fit as expected.

    I know that I should have any dental work before the being scanned for the Vivera, which is where my dilemma lies. Let me introduce you to my "shy" tooth:


    The little misshapen tooth has always lived behind my other teeth as a crossbite ever since I was a kid. It's finally seeing the light of day thanks to my orthodontic treatment and I'm super excited! But now that it's in line with the other teeth, there are big black spaces along my gums. The spaces are actually bigger when viewed from the side. I guess my questions are

    1. The corresponding tooth on the other side of my mouth has more gum around it. Once this tooth settles down, will my gums adjust and "hug" it like the other side?

    2. If not, how can I get rid of the spaces? Should I even bother?

    3. Wha do I do about retention while I figure this out?

    Tangentially related: One of my upper canines is pointy and the other is not. I never noticed until now because my teeth are finally uncrowded enough to see them properly. Can the orthodontist shape this tooth or do I have to a cosmetic dentist?

    Started 8/2013
    Mid-course correction 8/2014
    10 day cycle w/ Acceledent
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    Looks like there has been a big change, but the lateral incisor that was in crossbite still has quite a ways to go to be stable and to be fully aligned. If you look carefully, the crown of the tooth is more in line than where the root is. The root of the tooth needs to come more to the front.

    In terms of the gum line, whether you use braces or Invisalign, you may need to see a periodontist to aid in the level of your gums.
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