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  1. teenage treatment vs adult

    someone told me that if you get braces during ur teen/preteen. your teeth will stay more permanent. I don't think it makes any difference. Is there a benefit of having braces at early age? I had it done when I was an adult.

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    I had metal braces as a teen. Your teeth staying straight is dependent upon how compliant you are wearing your retainers. I only wore my retainers until age 27. I ended up getting Invisalign as an adult in my 40s. It was interesting, one side of my mouth stayed pretty straight. The other went right back to where it used to be, "fang" and all. I had to get elastics to pull the "fang" back in to place and re-set my cross-bite. Back in the 80s, I had to wear head gear. Luckily, with the elastics, no head gear required :)

    I can tell you that I'm adamant about wearing my retainers now. Of course, when you pay your hard-earned money for it as an adult, you have a bit more incentive to keep up with it than when you're a kid!
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    The advantage to starting treatment earlier is related to:

    -ability to help modify growth to help direct the position of the jaws (unable to without surgery in adulthood)
    -help align teeth earlier to improve health of the gums (correcting rotated teeth later in life may result in black triangles)
    -teeth that are in a poor position may result in excessive wear or trauma that is not reversible

    Unfortunately, since orthodontic treatment is just that, a treatment rather than a cure, teeth will always have a tendency to shift unless retainers are used regularly. Hope that helps!
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