Good day, dear Braces & Invisalign community.

As a new member of this forum, I would like to participate, make new contacts, talk with other people about the subject of teeth / braces and exchange helpful & interesting information.

Since this is my first contribution, I would like to write something meaningful (for example, how our diet can affect not only our teeth position, but the entire human body).

I am not a nutritionist, doctor or medical practitioner but only a young man who has had his own experiences in the field of human health (both positive and negative) and searched for information on the Internet.

What works for me does not have to work for everyone. I can and will not guarantee that my knowledge is correct, so please take it with a grain of salt.

In my childhood and youth I grew up with foodstuffs mainly made from white flour and sugar. This had meant that several teeth had to be removed due to tooth decay. In addition, my jaw was very narrow in development. Many of the remaining teeth received amalgam fillings. I have had this removed due to a mercury pollution some years later.

In the adult age I was told by my orthodontist that my narrow jaw and overbite must be corrected surgically. There is no other possibility, since the bones are solid. In the hospital I got a device to the palate (rapid maxillary expansion appliance). This had to be turned every day so that the jaw could be broadened bit by bit. After about a year I had to go to the hospital again to correct my overbite.

For several years now, I have been dealing with our general health and nutrition. Thanks to new experiences, I am firmly convinced that the way we feed ourselves to a large extent affects our genetics either positively, or negatively.

I came to this realization when I discovered the works of a man named Weston Andrew Valleau Price.
When I understood everything correctly, he was a dentist and nutritionist who was looking for factors that required good health and was lacking in the modern world - he found them mainly in food.

Especially in the food of different peoples living in solitude from modern civilization, he found that these had little to no decay / caries and also no degeneration of the body.

He also noted that a "deformed body" can be created by a mainly sugary and cereal diet (especially in growth).
This means crooked teeth, oblique dentition, a crooked nose, overbite, no midline in the face, small stature and much more.

People who, on the other hand, have fed a healthy diet from birth, rarely had to deal with the problems mentioned above. A healthy and balanced diet has been defined as: animal intestines, healthy fats (coconut oil, red palm oil, ghee), raw milk (cheese), bone broth, cod liver oil, algae (spirulina, chlorella), various fish and much more.

A few months ago, I created a thread on the website with the aim of reaching as many people as possible to share information on how to avoid various deformations.

It is specifically about people like Weston A. Price, Dr. Axe, Dr. Mike Mew, Sally Fallon and Ramiel Nagel.
In addition to the dangers of breathing through the mouth (especially during childhood and adolescence), amalgam fillings, fluoride, jaw operations (overbite correction, rapid maxillary expansion appliance) and much more like sexual abstinence (semen retention), fasting, breathing techniques by the person called "Wim Hof", urine therapy, psychedelics (especially LSD, DMT) and the importance of helping others (service to others).

Additional (Ancient Cultures, Vitamins A, D and E, Tooth Decay and Bone Development):

Maybe it is interesting and helpful for someone.

I have chosen this subforum since I believe that more members are looking at it and I want to reach as many people as possible.
Hope this is okay and does not represent a problem.

All the best, take care and God bless.

With best regards,