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Thread: open bite

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    assssh Guest

    open bite

    After doing a lot of research on lingual braces, I heard that invisalign can correct an open bite. I was wondering if this is true? I have very slight open bite. Can anyone tell me if it can work? Thanks!!!

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    I have a cross bite and slight underbite and it is working towards getting everyhthing back to normal.. good luck

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    tomos Guest
    Depends on the seriousness though. Invisalign may noy work on some serious cases though. You may want to ask your dentist before you start on it.

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    Depends on the reason you have an open bite. I went to a consultation where they said they could use Invisialign but then when they looked at me in person, they said my openbite was skeletal in nature and required surgery. Get a few opinions because it's an art and and science.



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