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    very true abbaker i know in some cases they can but after 18 the bones have also fused in the upper jaw not sure about lower. I was in elastics for a while which did help help the problem but not completely. I was 20 when i started the treatment and at 22 just had the jaw surgery. My jaw was very bad as it was a clicking noise everytime i opened my mouth, also was getting dizzy spells and a whole slew of other problems but after i had surgery i def feel alot better

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    Well yeah, I mean everyone's case is different. I'm glad that surgery was the right choice for you and you went ahead with it! I'm familiar with the jaw clicking too. Mine's been greatly reduced with elastics but very occasionally clicks. I'm willing to live with it though. But the take away message here is that a second opinion is the way to go.
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    How Long Were You Wired Shut?



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