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Thread: Baking soda

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    Bonnie Guest

    Baking soda

    I have a friend who swears by baking soda for whitening. She dips her toothbrush in it before adding the toothpaste, and swears that it works better than any home whitening kit.

    Does anyone know if this actually works, or if its even safe?

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    I do the same. An old "home" remedy. Lots and lots of toothpaste actually have baking soda in them.

    The best part about it, is you dont get the sensitivity that you get with other whitening gels and such.
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    Hmm, I shouldn't think it would be able to achieve any real bleaching of the teeth. So I suspect it is just acting as a surface stain removed. Given it's known to be used, when made into a paste, as an abraisive, I'd tend to be a little cautious about using it too often on teeth, or at least see what your dentist has to say first, just in case it might, when used often, be overly abraisive.

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    bradlystaton Guest
    I am using salt with the paste but i dont find any big difference. I am planning to do same as your friend does but i have one doubt is it works and also how we feel when we do for first time.

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    When I was younger my mom would use a tiny bit of baking soda on my toothbrush and then apply toothpaste. Now as an adult with braces I don't use it now, but I will go back to it when I get them off.

    Good question, although I will ask my ortho when I see them if this is a good or bad idea

  6. I use baking soda about once a week, sometimes with lemon, and it helps a lot!

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    I too use a baking soda & fresh lemon paste weekly (or bi-weekly) to keep mine bright! Doesn't taste the best but works great!

  8. Baking soda is a great, relatively harmless, solution for short term teeth whitening. PP was absolutely correct in that it removes surface stains, which is why you see immediate results. That said, it isn't a solution you should use on a daily basis. Once a week is safe but not every day. You don't want to risk breaking down the enamel on your teeth.

    A healthy diet is also a really effective way to brighten your smile. Strawberries have properties in them that help to whiten teeth and crisp foods like apples, potatoes (uncooked, if you're interested in eating them that way), and celery are great at breaking down plaque. Obviously, nothing compares to proper oral hygiene (brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, and rinsing with a solution), and visiting a dental professional once a year.

    Hope that answers your question!

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    Phoenix, AZ. Los Angeles, CA. Las Vegas, NV. and Houston, TX.
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    Quote Originally Posted by synapse View Post
    Why not just baking soda? Do you think lemon would improve results?
    It's just an added help and also makes the baking soda taste bearable. Lemon is a natural lightener. Blondes like myself use it in our shampoo mixture to brighten our hair, its been used as skin lightening (freckles or dark spots and acne marks), facial scrubs, teeth whitener and tons more uses. Lemons are pretty darn amazing lol.

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    Can any one confirm this through someone professional

  11. No, I've heard it's not. It wears the enamel down. Not a good idea to do on a regular basis.



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