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    invisaligngirl85 Guest

    For those who have cheated the treatment from time to time

    id like to know who has worn their aligners while drinking liquids other than water and eating? and how did that work out for you? is the only issue with drinking sodas and juices, staining of the aligners and cavities? same thing with food--except maybe food will get caught in between the aligners? If those are the only issues, i think im still gonna go for it... cus ill just clean them out, right after. if it actually breaks down the aligners and effects the treatment, then i won't... with the food , id be careful about chewing...... its just i eat soooooo much, and taking them out every time id want to eat would excel the minimum requirement 20 to 22 hrs a day..

    thanks in advance

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    coolestSamantha Guest
    I wear braces and don't know much about invisiline. From my point of view I would tell you its probably not a good idea to eat with the aligners in. If your conserned that taking them out every time you eat won't make the requirments you should discuss this with your orthodontist. Good luck!

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    It's starting to sound as if Invislign might not be a good choice for you.

    You should only drink cool/cold waterwith the aligners in place, and you should not eat with them in place at all. Hot drinks can warp the trays. Acidic drinks (and most common beverages are sufficiently acidic for this to apply) will be extremely bad for your teeth if consumed with the trays in place, due to the damage they will therefore be able to do to your tooth enamel. And eating with the aligners in place would be again to risk damaging and/or warping them - I "cheated" and nibbled a few grocery store samples (who can resist the yummy sameples in Wholefoods!) whilst wearing my temporary Essix retainer, and trust me, even that handful of isolated nibbles (maybe 4 bites of food total - not even one full snack, really!) damaged the tray. I knew I shouldn't, and I knew I was damaging it, but I also knew I needed it only a couple of days more at that stage - your aligner trays need to last you at least 2 weeks apiece.

    There's absolutely no reason at all that with 3 meals per day, and even maybe adding a couple of snacks, you could not still manage to make that 20 - 22 hours/day of required wear.

  4. I agree with Zoso.

    Although I have been drinking alcohol with them in (beer for the most part).. I'm not a big party girl, but when I do go out to drink for a whole night I'm not going to take the aligners off. I just rinse with water everytime I go to the bathroom, and brush/floss thoroughly when I get home. Alcohol doesn't damage the aligners, but it does damage the teeth.

    I was also concerned that I wouldn't "have the time" to eat. My eating habit has always been many small meals instead of the usual 3 large ones, and I didn't want to change the routine. Turns out that eating doesn't take as much time as I thought, I can have my 4-5 meals a day and even a coffee break with them off and still they're only out for a couple of hours total. I wouldn't eat with them in, that's just messy!

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    I'm hoping that when mine are fitted I'll maybe loose some weight coz it'll curb my continual nibbling at work. I've about 8 weeks to wait till I get my first set fitted and i'm weaning myself off the fizzy pop as we speak. (not an easy feat for an irn bru addict!).

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    bely19 Guest
    You won't be able to chew food with aligners i tried one time and the aligners don't work to break up food, the aligners will also hit each other and it will make annoying noise inside your mouth. I usually drink water if thirsty, if you can't drink plain water take them off for duration of time you want to eat or drink.. . when you take aligners off rinse it with water and after you are done eating rinse out your mouth with water and put them back on. try to brush your aligners every few days if you do this, i found out that brushing them out with mouthwash works real good.



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