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    Braces or Invisalign for me???

    Hey guys! I'm leaning towards Invisalign for several conveniences, but I'm still a little worried about getting the same results as if I'd chosen traditional braces..

    I would love it if you guys took a look at my orthodontic records and pictures from my profile, blog, or gallery entried as to give me some advice on what you think Invisalign can do..or what it can't do for my teeth specifically.

    I'm still on the fence but I don;t want to make my decision and pay for this out of my pocket...with less than what could have been results...

    Please help me!

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    Anybody? :/

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    I'd always got the impression that, provided the case is one that is well-suited to Invisalign, then the results would be pretty much the same either way. However, I recently read one orthodontist's opinion (and I apologise but I can't seem to dig up where it was!) to the effect that he's never seen an Invisalign case that he did not believe could have been completed to a superior result with fixed braces. So I just don't know.

    Even if that ortho's opinion is entirely accurate, there is also the consideration of how good is good enough? What do you, the patient, want to get out of treatment? And would you care, as long as the bite was good and your smile was pleasing to you, whether what an orthodontist thought was an even better result was possible?

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    Personally, if I was in college, I would probably go with the Invisalign, however with that said, I wore metal braces no problem and I have a much higher confidence level in them over Invisalign, although I have seen some good results lately.

    I believe I read that you are getting an incredible price on the Invisalign, so you may want to just go for it, but metal braces are usually a sure thing..
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    I don't know. If you do all the recommended things with Invisalign or with fixed braces, then it's actually less disruptive to your social life to have fixed braces, due to the rule about not eating, and not drinking anything except plain, cool/cold water with aligners in place.

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    One of my three bosses is a platinum invisalign provider, but even with the many cases he's done, he still tells his clients, if it's the look of your teeth (not your bite and possible jaw issues later on), that you want to correct, and you want to do it quickly ... then invisalign is for you. If you want your teeth to look great and function great ... then he'll still treat you, but with braces. Some of his patients change their minds during treatment, and want more than just cosmetic improvements, so for a fee, he'll change them to ceramic or ibrace brackets.

    He does get quite a few clients, who are prepared to pay to have their teeth look better for a special day ... like their wedding, and there finished smile is always great to see!
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    I think you are a clear cut case for Invisalign... Hopefully you find a good provider in your area.

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    well I already have jaw issues and i know braces haven't been proven effective to treat that so I guess there's no help there either way I go! All i really want is a better smiel. I don't want to be perfect. Yes I do want my teeth to function together but they already do. My midlines are good. It's just my overbite that needs fixed. I was told I would be an excellent case for Invisalign and my orthodontist I would be treated under is the only elite platinum provider in my state. Thank to everyone's advice and taking a look at what I want for myself, I will go with Invisalign! :)

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