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Thread: Spacers

  1. Spacers

    I am 38 years old and getting braces next Monday. I am really nervous about the whole procedure because I have no idea what to expect. I have been reading these boards and watching videos on youtube. What in the world are these spacer things? People are saying they hurt really bad. Should I be worried and does everyone get these things?

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    The spacers go into between your molars to make room for the bands.. these are bands tha go around the molars and act as anchors for the braces to start off of.

    The spacers in my opinion is the worst part of the treatment as far as dicscomfort, because they move the teeth so fast.. however just take your favorite pain reliiver such as tylonel and it is really no big deal and over in no time.

    It really is no big deal and you'll love the results!
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  3. Do I get the spacers on the same day I get the braces on? I also didn't know they would be putting that big contraption in my mouth to do the braces. Yuck! Also, I saw a video where they jammed these big blue block looking things in someone's mouth. Is this normal?

    I know, I know - I should stop watching these videos:)

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    In most cases NO. Most orthodontist put the spacers in and then schedule the banding (braces on) 2 weeks later.

    I have heard of some orthos putting in the spacers and brackets on, but waiting to run the wire through them for a couple weeks...but I believe this is rare.

    The molar bands are really no big deal and not noticable... they will feel like the rest of your braces once in place..

    The blue block thing is designed for you to bite down and push them on the teeth fully..

    again this is all a breeze....
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  5. Does everyone get spacers? Maybe I am not getting them. I have my treatment conference this Wednesday and I am getting my braces 5 days later (Monday.)

  6. Some people don't get spacers because they get buccal brackets instead of bands.

    Spacers were the worst part of having braces, in my opinion.

    Good luck! :)

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    I'm getting my braces this friday & I didn't get spacers.

    I guess I'll be getting the buccal brackets Mariah mentioned.



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    It is still possible that you are getting molar bands. I had spacers on for a week before having my braces and molar bands put on. Some people wear them longer because the ortho needs more space to be able to place the molar bands. It just depends on how crowded your teeth are and how quickly the space opens up.

    They do make your teeth tender. Not a constant pain but you'll defiantely notice when you try to eat anything somewhat solid. At least this part is only for 5 days though! :party:
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  9. It is also possible to get spacers later on because some orthodontists prefer to put on bands later on in treatment.
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    The way I see it is your teeth will be sore when they initially start to move, and it doesn't matter whether it is spacers that are making that happen or braces.

  11. I got spacers put on after 10 months. The spaces was on for 2 weeks, after they tried to put the molar bands unsuccessful, instead the bracket was put on the first attempt!

    That is the very last tooth on the lower jaw, left and right side, she put it on the first attempt! It is such a tight squeeze that the bracket slightly goes underneath the gum!

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    I'm wondering when I'll be getting my spacers ( I imagine I'll be getting them because my teeth are crowded) I have my records appointment...and then my case presentation where they tell me what they're doing and how long I'll be in em and I'll sign the contract....I dont know what comes after that...if they'll make me wait another few weeks just to get the dern spacers in, I'll go crazy! I wonder if the day I sign the contract to begin treatment if they'll put in the spacers then.. hmmm
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    Jenn, you may not necessarily be getting bands. Sometimes directly bonded tubes are used instead. (Think of them as special brackets for the molars). If you will be getting bands, and therefore spacers, typically they need to be in place only for somewhere between one and two weeks (usually towards the upper end of that if you're quite crowded, since the interproximal spaces will probably be tight). Ask at your case presentation appointment, and if you do need them, and if a banding/bonding appointment would be available within a couple of weeks, maybe they'd be able to sneak you in to place the spacers - it doesn't usually take very long.

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    I guess I was lucky, I never had to have spacers or bands to make room. The only thing I had were the "chains" and the traditional rubber bands. My top I had too much room and my bottom was crowded.




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