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  1. Basic teeth whitening tips


    Following are few tips which you can do to keep your teeth white:

    Avoid Coffee, smoking, tobacco, or anything that stains

    Brushing 3 times a day, (after every meal) will greatly help you be removing stains before they set in.

    Brush gently, harsh brushing with a lot of pressure will only weaken the surface of your teeth.

    Drink tap water because it has fluoride in it, helps build protective layer on your teeth.
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    Some good advice Thomas, but it's important to remember that not all tap water has fluoride in it.

    Any food that would stain a white cloth, will stain teeth ... but many do it easier than others, and some colours are more obvious than others. If you were to not eat food that stains, your diet would be very limited and boring. Instead make sure you pay particular attention to your oral hygiene at least twice a day, and make sure you floss once a day.

    Brushing gently is essential for the health of your teeth and your gums. Also don't brush your teeth for 30 minutes are drinking or eating food with acid in it ... and many foods have acid in them. Instead, drink plenty of water to give your mouth a good rinse.

    Good luck keeping your teeth looking great! :thumb:
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    ellenbrt Guest


    workable tips. i wish to use all tips to make my teeth whiten. thanks for you,

  4. nice post its really helpful

  5. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits and drink milk to further whiten and strengthen your teeth.

  6. Mix baking soda with salt are used as teeth whitening.This is a best natural remedy.

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    Thanks for the tips, I will follow this for my better teeth.

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    Good post. These are some easy tips that every one can follow :)

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    Basic teeth whitening tips are,
    1. Brush and floss,
    2. Avoid staining agents,
    3. Visit the dentist regularly,
    4. Treat teeth with respect,
    5. Consult with the dentist regarding constantly recurring stains.

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    Sixty percent of America's water supply is fluoridated yet there are no studies to prove that ingesting fluoride is beneficial. In fact studies prove quite the opposite. Studies prove that there is more than a 10% increase in cancer rates of people in fluoridated communities, increased bone fractures and it also does a lot of neurological harm. It also concentrates in the hippocampus. Girls in fluoridated communities go through puberty earlier also. In Animal studies, when given to pregnant females their offspring were observed to be hyperactive, when given to an animal after birth the animals behavior became apathetic. I have done a lot of studying on the subject and will not even give my children fluoride toothpaste. I think I used to by the nursery water with added fluoride for my daughter as a baby and the thought makes me sick. Trust me the more you dig into the subject the less you will want to use fluoride (even if it meant your teeth would rot out and that is definitely not going to happen anyways). The original study that got the fluoride ball rolling was done in Michigan, I believe, the study monitored cavities in citizens in two towns, one fluoridated the other not. After the study was over, they announced that the town, that was fluoridated, had a decrease in tooth decay; never mentioning the fact the the non-fluoridated community also had a decrease in tooth decay (only more so)! to find more info about fluoride you will probably need to look outside of any government or company sponsored information. You might also appreciate a lecture by a professor of the name Paul Connet.

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    Mixture of baking soda,salt and few drops of vinegar are good for teeth whitening.Apply this method on teeth twice in week.

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    Use of good toothpaste always helps to get whiter teeth and diet is one of the big factor that matters for a good oral hygiene. Here are some tips that will help you get healthy teeth.

    1. Brush using a soft bristle toothbrush
    2. Avoid smoking and chewing tabacco. They increase the risk of gum disease.
    3. Foods containing antioxidants like raisins, green tea and whole grains improve Gums health. Include them in your diet.
    4. Get your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis every six months.
    5. Vitamin C is essential for good gum health. Have more of citrus fruits which are good source of Vitamin C.

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    Having losts fruits is great because of the vitamins, antioxydants, etc... they contain. BUT: most of them also attack the enamel as they are acid. So, it is good to eat a few of them daily but for instance it is not a good idea to let the fruits' acid sit on your teeth as last thing in a meal (and then even brush too soon after eating/drinking).

    I also think that using vinegar or salt on your teeth can potentially harm your enamel or lead to sensitive teeth.

    I am sure it works for some people (with really strong enamel and no problem with sensitive teeth (yet!)) but it is not suitable for all.

    It's the question of effective whitening vs. tooth abrasion with some of the the proposed tips. Caring for your teeth and avoiding strongly staining stuff is good for everyone.
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  14. Thanks for taking the time to share this, I feel strongly about it and love reading more on this topic. If possible, as you gain knowledge, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me.

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    I used to use hydrogen peroxide as mouthwash. Doesn't taste like anything, and the aftertaste isn't terrible. I think it worked (admittedly not as good as I'm sure a professional treatment would), but it's cheap and it did something for me.
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    Tooth Care products:Many different types of toothpastes are made with baking soda as a key ingredient because of its natural whitening properties.

    Follow Directions Carefully:When using any of the popular over the counter products for whitening teeth, be careful to follow the directions that come with the product. Some products may irritate the gums if they are left on too long.

    Regular Dental Care:In order to get the benefits from any teeth whitening products it is essential that you observe proper dental hygiene.
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  17. some good tips here,
    make a glue of preparing pop and hydrogen peroxide (the kind from any drug store; 3%). Brush your teeth with that and flush with water as you go. Don't swallow it (however why right). I utilize an orthodontic brush to get into corners and such (so consider brushes devices).

    This works unbelievably well. When I drank Liptons Masala Tea and I like it solid. All things considered, it stained the backs of my teeth to a focus where they were completely b.l.a.c.k. .. not tan .. dark. This glue took it away.

    I initially caught this tip on the Oprah Winfrey show. Hydrogen peroxide is totally sheltered to use with the expectation that you don't swallow it. It will likewise clean out microorganisms so it keeps things solid. Individuals have been utilizing this to clean their teeth for a long time. It's the dental business that don't need you to ponder it in a positive light.

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    wooow Thanks for this helpfull Tips.



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