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View Poll Results: What Was Your Fear Of Getting Braces?

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  • Cost Of Braces

    52 17.63%
  • Appearance Of Braces

    103 34.92%
  • Pain Associated With Braces

    51 17.29%
  • Time Commitment To Braces Treatment

    46 15.59%
  • Finding A Good Orthodontist / Dentist

    23 7.80%
  • Other

    20 6.78%
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  1. At first I was afraid that they were going to hurt, but for me they don't!

  2. Pain associated with braces, I think that I over exaggerated.

  3. #53
    I am not afraid of everything but my 2 (bottom) wisdom will be out very soon which I am NOT looking forward... that's what I am shivering real hard. Then will having the braces on Jan... I can't wait. Not wisdom extraction. *tears*

  4. #54
    The cost was my first problem followed by the pain. :)

  5. My fear was the appearance of the braces
    I'm a senior in high school and thought everyone would make fun of me
    and plus, having braces in college? who wants that?
    But now that i have braces, the ceramics one, I was crazy to even think that
    People rarely notice and I'm sure they could care less

    Plus, if all you adults can do it, I can do it too.

    Pain was the second
    But I must be weird or something because I feel minimum pain
    Even with extraction, I had to have a wisdom tooth taken out
    I felt no pain during or after the procedure
    And with braces, it was more like my teeth were sore
    Last edited by RandyPhan614; 04-15-2013 at 04:47 AM.

  6. #56
    At first, I was terrified of the pain (thanks to middle school friends acting like they were dying every time they got their braces tightened, haha). That turned out fine, I barely feel any pain from braces.

    But for the two years before I got braces, I was more afraid of how they'd look. Now, despite knowing that I'm the only one who cares that I have braces, I still hate smiling, because I really don't think I look good at all. It's illogical, but... I'm just happy I'll be getting them off in two or three months. :)

  7. #57
    RedLipstick Guest
    For me, it was definitely the time commitment.

  8. #58
    I wanted braces for awhile, but the #1 thing that kept me away from them them the cost and a very close second was having to get teeth pulled, and lastly the pain/discomfort.


  9. #59
    I first thought pain would matter most but then Time Commitment To Braces Treatment is more likely to be scary... It's gonna be years...

  10. #60
    I have had braces before. Getting them put on was uncomfortable at times but I felt no pain but afterwards my mouth was pretty sore for about a week. I've just followed what has been said my ortho. It is no big deal and you can get through it. Just try to keep yourself distracted for the next few weeks so you don't think about it as often.
    Remember, Dentistry is not Expensive...Neglect is!!!!===>DentistsinMobileAl



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