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View Poll Results: What Was Your Fear Of Getting Braces?

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  • Cost Of Braces

    52 17.63%
  • Appearance Of Braces

    103 34.92%
  • Pain Associated With Braces

    51 17.29%
  • Time Commitment To Braces Treatment

    46 15.59%
  • Finding A Good Orthodontist / Dentist

    23 7.80%
  • Other

    20 6.78%
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    Apr 2007
    United States
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    What Was Your Fear Of Getting Braces?

    We would like to poll the fear of getting braces.

  2. #2
    Cost has always been the biggest issue for me.
    I would have LOVED them as a child, but my parents...well, they bought other things instead. (insert eye roll here!)

    I'm so excited to get them now, and they definitely won't be taken for granted.

  3. #3
    I feel like QT mine are definately not going to be taken for granted. I can't wait to see my smile in a couple years. :)

    Proudly braced at 31 Years Old for an estimated 24 months!

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    Nov 2009
    saudi arabia...
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    the good ortho was my first fear I have search for one year untill I feel comfortable with last one , also the appearance was my second fear I always think how my look will be with braces and and after treatment it'll be change to better or worse

    but now I feeel soooooooooooooooooooo comfortable and don't feel fear of anything.

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    Feb 2010
    Glasgow, Scotland
    I had been wanting braces ever since I was like 20, it was definitely the commitment of having to wear them for 18 months that was putting me off. I just decided to bite the bullet and get them put on in January with me now being 25, and to think it would have been all over years ago if I had just gone through with it.

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    Feb 2010
    Huntington Beach, CA
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    It was a parental unit's fear of dentists that kept me out of the dentist office for nearly 18 years. I had no fear of any doctor and was a dental assistant for 5 years.

    For me, it was only the cost of the braces and the worry about the expenditure for surgery that kept me away. Now that I know I can afford it, nothing is holding me back. :D

  7. #7
    For me it was definitely the time commitment. The appearance of them worried me but I could have lived with anything if it were only for a short time. Remarkably the biggest response I get is envy from friends who always say they wish they were brave enough to go for it themselves!

  8. #8
    Look was definitely not an issue, because people say that I look better with braces.. My biggest concern was food, ( no gum ) ahaha : )

  9. I don't really care about the pain, you just have to take a pain pill and move on to something else. Cost doesn't affect me because being 16, the parents covered that! =)
    The time commitment didn't really put me off because it's just something that you get put on, leave it, and get on with life.
    I was really concerned with the appearence of the braces. It's only been a few days and I have been avoiding talking because I'm afraid that I look ugly and geeky. I am definitely less confident but I'm sure I'll get used to it

  10. #10
    Mine was definitely appearance. I have a 9 year old who has friend with braces. Now when they see me they compare their braces w/ mine. Not only embarrassing for me, but also for my daughter.
    I'm still obsessed with staring at them, and worry that they weren't positioned correctly.

  11. #11
    I have been through a lot in my dental history.....teeth pulled with my mom sitting on me, 13 cavities at age 15, etc. So the pain associated with getting them was my biggest fear. I have been planning these for two years so I wasn't really worried about the cost and two years is just a flash in the pan anymore!!
    Traditional Metal Braces
    Top placed 4/16/10
    Bottom to be placed 5/24/10

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    Jun 2010
    My biggest fear is not knowing if I'm putting my trust/ investing in the right person to do my care.

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    Apr 2010
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    My biggest fear was the pain. I hadn't really researched much. When I was a teenager my mom wanted me to get them and I didn't want them. Now that I'm close to 29 and graduating from college next May, I want my teeth straightened and overbite fixed. The thought of the jaw surgery isn't really bothering me. I just get aggravated with trying to find things I can eat with braces and food allergies.

  14. my biggest prob was other people staring at me i had had my braces on for just 6 hours and my daughter refused to kiss me goodnight!

  15. #15
    When I was younger I was afraid of the surgery the doctor told me I needed. Imagine a 12 year old kid hearing he's going to get his jaw broken. But not that I'm going to get them I'm not really scared of it, and the surgery doesn't seem that big of a deal now. The orthodontist though said he will try and fix my bite without it.

  16. #16
    My fear wasn't there - which was the fear of not being able to enjoy food for nearly 2 years!

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    Aug 2010
    Hi Everyone!
    For me very important to have a good ortho dentist,I need a good communication with Doc!!!! ;)

  18. #18
    When I was told by my Dentist at 12 years old he would be referring me for a brace (NHS) I remember saying and thinking "oh no way! I do not want to wear a brace" (I regret that now) and that was because of the appearance of braces... and probably the main reason alot of teenagers don't want a brace.

    I am now 24 and hopefully soon will be braced. But what are my fears now? well, I don't have any I don't think. I have no problem with the appearance, well it's not as if I love the way they look, it's just I don't/wont care what others think of me in braces (well I hope so! maybe I'll start to feel differently once they're on). Although, I am worrying about finding a good Ortho to go with... but that's about it. Slightly worrying about the commitment to braces, but I guess I wont find out about that until they are fitted.
    Braced for 33 months. Now wearing an upper & lower essix retainer and lower bonded retainer

  19. #19
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    Jun 2010
    Parksville, British Columbia, Canada
    My main fear was the 26.5 month treatment time because I couldn't take them off.
    Not to mention those damn impressions.

  20. #20
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    Nov 2010
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    I think my fear is all of the above....

    Hopefully it won't be so bad.

  21. #21
    COST!!!!! i've known i needed braces since i was a young child but my parents really couldn't afford it. when i finally decided to get them as an adult and started saving money i told my mom about it. i have to really say my parents are awesome people! my 14 year old sister needed braces too and she got them a week before me. since my parents are much older and advanced in their careers my parents actually gave my 1000US towards my treatment costs. i am so grateful for that because i know they couldnt have afforded it when i was a child and they had no obligations to help me now but they did...:) now my sis and i are braced together! lol

  22. #22
    my biggest fear would be to get the braces in the 1st place

  23. #23
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    Jan 2011
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    Before it was cost and now it is the pain (canker sores, teeth hurting) that I'm terrified of. I just keep reminding myself that I have wanted this for a while and the pain is fleeting and in 12 months I'll have the smile that I want.

    The Stupendous Braces Blog!

    :party:4 Impacted Wisdom Teeth Extracted - Feb. 2, 2011
    10 Spacers & Records Appt. - Feb. 15, 2011
    :braces: Braces On - Feb. 22, 2011

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    Jan 2011
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    It was definitely cost, followed closely by how painful I thought it would be with them on. Fortunately, my three older siblings had braces as adults, too, so I knew a little bit of what to expect as well as the benefits of getting the work done.

  25. The time commitment was a huge fear - but I also have a few irrational fears, like my teeth will fall out, or I will destroy my gums

  26. I guess I really didnt have any real fear, I just was kinda complacent, putting it off, and also what stopped me before is that my parents couldnt exactly afford it for me and my three brothers, so none of us got them. I'm 20 now and can afford them so I finally did it! I'm really not embarrassed about them, I actually almost feel like I smile more now that I have them. they look just fine and I just got to the point where I dont really care what people think about it, really no one cares anyways. I think it's kinda fun talking abuot them and hearing other peoples experiences with their braces. it's kind of a good conversation piece! lol.

  27. #27
    I had to get my wisdom teeth removed before I could do braces. And since my wisdom teeth came in pretty well, perfectly straight, and weren't impacted, I wasn't in any hurry to do an unnecessary surgery. I got my wisdom teeth out 2 years ago when they started to hurt. And I got my braces last month, after moving around because of my job for the last 2 years. I'm in a stable place and can see the same ortho for the length of my treatment.

    I agree with the previous poster. I wasn't afraid, but I am complacent with the process. I wanted to get it done, and the work/care/money for the braces is just part of that.

  28. #28
    My fear was that i was going to get a really bad lisp because all the people i saw get braces before me got lisps(especially on their s's). I get them off in spring time this year (thank god) but i still have a mild lisp on the s's even after two years but it's so mild nobody notices it unless i'm singing or my tongue swells up ( that happens when my tongue rubs against my molar bands UGH), so i'm not too upset about it.
    But the funny thing is i wanted them cause apparently everyone thought i would look good with them.
    Now i hate them with a PASSION!!!!
    Oh well :)

  29. For me I was worried about how the braces would look... actually when I found out that my first pre-molar was going to be extracted I was most worried about my new toothless smile. Now the braces are on I'm glad they're there because its obvious why I have teeth missing :P

  30. #30
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    Apr 2011
    Cleveland Ohio
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    I will say it was the appearance but I also get SOOOO many compliments with them and I figured
    I'm 44 what the heck vanity diminishes with age. I couldn't imagine myself at 20 or 30 with braces, my mom wanted to put them on two months before prom (I don't think so), please don't confuse vanity with confidence because confidence replaces vanity as you age. I love the decision I have made at this age, I'll be 80yrs old with a beautiful natural smile, lol.

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    Aug 2009
    Hawthrone, CA
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    I think you appreciate things better the older you get. Once you enter your 40's you don't care what others think. :party:

  32. The first four! Haha

  33. #33
    Cost was probably the biggest factor for me, followed closely by time commitment. I've never been too concerned about appearance. I'm a college student and I have yet to have a class without at least one other person having braces, so it's not really a big deal for me. I also tolerate pain really well so that was never really an issue for me either.

    Expected Treatment Time: 30 Months

  34. All of the above! I just got my top braces last week and 1 tooth extracted yesterday. Everything has gone very well so far and I am kicking myself for not doing this years ago!
    Top Braces: Ceramic - July 13, 2011
    Bottom Braces: Metal - August 10, 2011
    Treatment Time: 2 Years

  35. #35
    I would have to say finding a doctor to put them on and do an excellent job at perfecting my smile. At this time my treatment is going well and although it is moving a little slow I hope to have the perfect smile I dreamed of and that it's worth every bit of the $6700.00 I spent. I would have to say that I believe I chose the right orthodontist because he seems like a perfectionist and I swear I won't let him take these off my teeth until I'm satisfied with the result. So if it's over two years so be it I just want everything to look beautiful. I dreamed of a Hollywood smile not just straight teeth!
    Countdown to the end of my brace journey! My braces are still on so this date below shows I'm over due.

  36. #36
    I wish there was an "All Of The Above" option. :)
    Metal brackets & 4 bands on May 12, 2011
    4 Premolars Extracted on May 20, 2011
    Fully braced on May 25, 2011
    My sentence - 24 to 30 months

  37. My fear was to end up with an incompetent doctor that will mess up my bite more then it already was.
    This however wasn't the case because I did my research and knew what kind of dr. I was looking for. I already knew what is possible and how badly deformed my dental arch was before even talking to an Ortho.
    I knew what method I wanted, without extractions, without any other extra work.
    I changed my diet 6 months prior to searching for an Ortho, made sure my nutrition was in check and my cleaning was done.
    When I found the right Ortho (who gave me a free consultation) he was impressed about how much I knew and how well the health of my gums and teeth looked for my age (female, age 40)...especially for not having had a single cleaning in my life before age 24. (I'm originally from another country).

    My Ortho called himself a facial orthodontist that specializes in braces and expansions....BINGO!

    I've had the Damons on for the last year and I'm quite pleased. Got another 6 month - 1 year tops to go.

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    Nov 2011
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    My fear with getting braces was the risks involved... I hope I didnt start the treatment, get teeth extracted, only to have teeth break, or rot. :(

  39. #39
    My fears are 1st: the cost (no insurance)
    2nd: the ortho wants to break my jaw (not gonna let him)
    3rd: looking like I'm 12yrs old. As I am 24yrs old now and ppl still think I'm in high school. Add braces to me and I think they'll think I'm 12.
    4th: the pain/restrictions of food. I don't like a lot of foods anyway but take away the few things I enjoy... that sucks
    5th: the time. 2 & 1/2 to 3years... ouch

  40. #40
    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    When I was younger I was afraid of the surgery the doctor told me I needed. Imagine a 12 year old kid hearing he's going to get his jaw broken. But not that I'm going to get them I'm not really scared of it, and the surgery doesn't seem that big of a deal now. The orthodontist though said he will try and fix my bite without it.
    The ortho told me he wants to break my jaw too. But I don't think I need it. Sure my mandible is a little to small, but my jaw does not hurt or anything like that.
    I hope I can find an ortho that can get around surgery, as I don't want or can afford it.

  41. Appearance was part of it, it's bad enough having an overbite without brackets stuck to your teeth to give you even more of a horse face (for the first 6 months or so anyway)... and the pain from the anaesthetic. When my sister had her teeth extracted she almost cried when she got all those anaesthetic shots - and she takes pain a lot better than I do, so I was terrified of going through the same ordeal. Eventually when I did do it, it HURT SO MUCH. But thankfully compared to the shots the treatment in general (tightening, etc) was quite bearable.

  42. None of my dentists ever suggested them so I assumed I wasn't good enough somehow, to get them.
    Maybe I was too old, teeth not worth fixing or the root canal or something.
    When I went in for veneers, the dentist there told me I needed them very badly-in a gentle way.

  43. I was a little bit worried about people staring at them but then I realized that I don't go out much so there's nothing to worry about.

  44. The only real fear I had for getting braces was not being able to eat some foods.

  45. #45
    For me it was the stigma of being an adult and being seen as ridiculous. I had more than enough of that in middle and high school! I keep remembering an episode of The Firm where one of the [law] partners was asked to not see clients himself because they would think he was ridiculous and not take him seriously, despite his position at a law firm known for winning. It's just fiction, of course, but it is not simply a made-up bias with no basis in reality.

    I'm 40 and bald (hair loss started at 19), which makes me look older than I am. If not for that I would pass for lower 30s, I think... I never drank (I have never had one drink of anything alcoholic, ever), never smoked (same), and I don't see much sun exposure that could cause wrinkles. The juxtaposition of something that makes me look older and something associated with childhood just looks odd and contradictory.

    At least my braces are just on the bottom and not as easy to see as those on the people who have uppers and lowers. My slurring of sibilants is probably more noticeable than the look, unless the person I am talking to is a mouth watcher as I am (makes it easier to understand people... although my hearing is keen, my brain seems to garble speech at times). Not uncommon for autistic spectrum types like me.

    I stopped worrying about how the braces would appear about day four after I got them on. I'm not aesthetically attractive by any means, in my own opinion (wit and intellect though-- no problem! And so modest too), and you know what, I don't really care what people are thinking, despite the occasional self-conscious moment. I feel (er, felt) the same ridiculosity home alone as out in public. Same deal with not having hair... I don't feel any more or less self-conscious if people see me than I do by myself. Odd, perhaps, but it is about how I see myself, not about how others do.

  46. Appearance was my biggest fear. I actually freaked out when I saw my braces in the mirror the first time and even regretted getting them in the first place. I've had them for a year now and the improvement has made me feel better about my decision. However, everyone once in a while I get self-conscious about them and it does not help that I have a very low self-esteem.

    So yeah, appearance is definitely an issue. I feel that everyone hates how I look with them and that they emphasize my unattractiveness even further . Hopefully the outcome will be worth it.

  47. #47
    My irrational fear over braces was both the pain and apperance... I managed to get over the appearance quick, since when everyone saw them, they thought it was cute since it fit me well, I guess.
    However, I am still fearful of the pain i causes me. Everytime I go back to get the wires or bands changed, I return home with my back teeth so sore that I can't even eat soft foods! My gums get really swollen and my mouth just feels awful. :( I'm also constantly afraid when the orthodontist is putting on the power chains or whatever since she always seems to be unable to keep ym lips out of the way and ends up putting them OVER my lip, pinching and cutting them.

    So, yeah. Appearance is something easy to deal with, but pain...Not so much.

  48. #48
    My fear was appearance and being judged. For me it was the fact that most of my friends got braces when then were teenagers and now I would have to get them at the age of 21. I didn't want people to stare at my teeth but honestly people were going to stare regardless. It was either have messed up teeth with braces or have messed up teeth without braces. I just recently got my braces and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I can't wait to see the finished product! Its only been 3 weeks but I have this new found confidence and I hope everyone with braces can learn to emBRACE their new smiles :)

  49. #49
    I agree with BrownEyes, I'm 22 and most of my friends had braces when we were in middle/high school. I'm a little late in the game, but better late than never! I have really bad crowding on top and bottom and one of my canine's on top couldn't come through naturally because I had 5 odontomas blocking it from pushing out my last baby tooth. So it's higher up. It came through my gums about 4 years ago and I've always been a little self-conscious about it. I'm glad it's finally going down though. But my biggest thing was the appearance and time. I had a consult at 1 ortho who wanted to pull 4 of my teeth and put me in braces for 30-36 months. I found a different one who was a little more expensive, but he didn't want to pull my teeth and gave me a time frame of 16-18 months. Today is my 5th day, so I'm still sore, but it will all be worth it in the end.

    Ceramics on top, Metal on bottom

    16-18 Month Estimate

  50. #50
    For me, definitely the appearance. I guess that's a big reason why I went down the Invisalign route.
    Initial 36 trays done!

    U - 1/12
    L - 1/15



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