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    Red face How much did insurance cover on Invisalign?

    Starting in October i will have Cigna HDMO coverage and that is when i will start my invisalign process. I am just wondering what insurance company people have and about how much money did there insurance company cover for there invisalign?

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    Though I do not have invisalign my orthodontist said with my insurance (metlife ppo) that it would max at 1,500 dollars of coverage.
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    Since I am over 19, my dental insurance will cover $0. :(

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    At this time, insurance companies don't distinguish between traditional fixed braces and Invisalign. While more and more plans are eliminating any kind of coverage for orthodontics, those that do cover it are generally 50% up to a lifetime maximum. This maximum usually ranges from about $1000 to $3000. Our office has found that government and automaker plans to have the best coverage, with some going up to 75%.

    A common mistake is for patients to assume that their dental coverage is the same as that for orthodontics. They are very different and some may require being under the plan for a few years before being able to use orthodontic benefits.

    Every company has several tiers of benefit coverage, so it is best to check the details of your particular coverage when you get it. Good luck!
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    It's going to depend on your plan, not your insurance provider (mostly). When we had Cigna, our plan covered $1000/lifetime, and everything else was 50% coverage. Our new plan provided us with $1500/lifetime, with 50% on everything else. (I have MetLife).

    There are also dental HMO's, which provide more coverage, but in my case, I would have been severely limited in who I could have chosen as a provider (for both dental and orthodontic).

    Pick up the phone, call your insurance company - they can answer you pretty quickly.

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    I have Delta Dental. For our plan, it covered 50% of costs up to $500, which is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too little, in my opinion. If I was under 23, they'd pay up to $1500. Illogical, just because I'm over 23 that I get less coverage.

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    mine covered 50% up to 2000 max for adult ortho paid quarterly. I have aetna. so my invisalign cost 5600 total, 2000 down payment and initial order, -2000 insurance. I have 1600 on an interest free payment plan for 18 months

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    Quote Originally Posted by MlleMo View Post
    mine covered 50% up to 2000 max for adult ortho paid quarterly. I have aetna. so my invisalign cost 5600 total, 2000 down payment and initial order, -2000 insurance. I have 1600 on an interest free payment plan for 18 months
    LUCKYYYYYY - In New Zealand there is no insurance on orthodontist work...so lots of people have yucky teeth hahaha.
    .oO ROSIEEE Oo.

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    I have Delta and it covers NOTHING after age 19. I'm paying it all. Another reason for teens to wear their retainers (religiously) as directed! They'll probably end up needing orthodontic treatment again if they don't. I haven't heard of many insurance plans that include ortho treatment for adults. Live and learn (& pay big money!)!!!!

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    Aetna doesn't pay anything for adults, only children under a certain age.

  11. I have both Blue Cross Blue Shield- government wide and United Concordia. Neither of them are pitching in a dime :( I'm too old apparently. This should be a great case for age discrimination right? Ha ha.

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    Again, folks, it's going to depend on the plan you have with the company, not the company itself.

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    I am in Australia and have an all singing, all dancing plan with MBF. They pay 80% up to a lifetime max of $3k I think, so they will pay about half of mine. I'm pretty happy with that.
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  14. Mine is only going to cover 1000 of my 4500 bill :(

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    Aetna is covering exactly $0 for me. They would cover traditional braces to $1500 even though I am an adult, but the consider Invisalign to be cosmetic so no coverage.

  16. I got 60% coverage (of a $4400 bill) through my employer sponsored insurance (blue cross). I'm a pretty happy camper.
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  17. I have $2500 life time as does my husband, so $5000 for the $5500 is paid. Very lucky as daugh currently has traditional braces so $5000 of $5900 for her.

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    My insurance won't cover Adult Orthodontics but they will pay for 1/2 of a child's and my son is turning 14 in a few months and will need braces so at least they'll help me there. :braces:

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    No coverage for me through Blue Cross/Blue Shield in Illinois, but fortunately we were able to get $1500.00 of my daughter's braces covered. Not much, but better than nothing!

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    My insurance did not cover anything. After I am 21, they no longer will cover ANY dental work. (I.E. Cleanings, impressions, Xrays)... I'd be happy with even $500 worth of help from my insurance. :( Mine were $4000, so, I'm happy they weren't too "pricey"-- even though I could of bought a lot of clothes with $4000 :( bahaha

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    You guys are getting a good deal. I'm paying around 8,000 for my invisalign! My dentist is in NYC, not exactly the cheapest place to have work done. Not sure if Aetna will cover it or not. With normal braces they'll cover 50% up to 1500 lifetime. But, i have my doubts that they're going to cover anything for invisalign. :(

  22. ^ that's too bad that some insurance companies choose not to update their plans when it is not in their favor to do so.

    I didn't realize how lucky I was to be covered as an adult.

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    Paying full price out of pocket. I'm in NYC too but am only paying $3900 which according to my ortho should include free retainers. Being a grad student in NYC though originally from the midwest, I'm definitely happy with my deal as I thought it would be much much worse.
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  24. I have Cigna Pro... but they will only cover orthodontics until age 19... man this sucks.. absolutely no coverage at all. 6k on my own :(

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    I actually just discovered today that although I have $2500 lifetime coverage that is for orthodontics and major dental combined. That means that as I have now used up all of mine, all my crowns, root canals etc won't be covered in the future. Better stick to this flossing/ brushing routine!
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    We have cigna ppo and it pays a max of 1500 for adults and children. May have to get some myself.

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    Metlife paid 50% with a max of $2000 for me. I also used the Flex Spending Account offered by my employer which is pretax money taken from my paycheck for medical expenses. I recommend that to anyone that has an employer that offers a FSA plan.

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    I'm paying it all.
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    I have Aetna and they are covering 50% up to $2000!

    My total cost is going to be US $5200

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    I have Delta Dental and they are covering $1500. My total treatment is $4400.
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    I am from Canada, my insurence is through Sunlife Finachial and they cover 60% with a life max of $2500. However my job also gives me the flex benefits like Slider and i put my payments through there as well. I also pay monthly payments so that makes it way easier. When all is said and done I think I will pay about $1500.00 out of pocket and my total treatment is $8200.00

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    I don't have insurance and could never find any company that would pay for braces for anyone over 19. Luckily, my ortho offers in-house, interest-free financing, but the entire $5500 is still out of pocket.
    Currently on trays 22 of 28 U/L --- OVER HALFWAY DONE! :D

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    it's not common to have dental insurance here in the UK because of the NHS. So I'm paying for it all, 4,000. Anyone still at school would be entitled to free orthodontic work should it be deemed necessary.
    U31 & L23 finished.
    Refinements U13 & L14 finished.
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  34. As you are owing Cigna HDMO dental coverage that will start after your invisalign process and seeking for any insurance plan by opting which can be able to afford the cost for the treatment, so you can opt Orthodontic Insurance Plan that provides and cover the cost of your treatment upto 50%.

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    Nothing. My dental insurance only covers childhood orthodontics.

  36. If you have already taken orthodontic insurance then you can easily manage the expenses of Invisalign Braces. You will be glad to know that insurance company will pay approx half of the expenses incurred during treatment.

  37. I did not have ortho coverage at the time of my treatment but picked it up to pay for retainers. My insurance will cover 1500 lifetime.
    :party: momma

  38. my invisalign is
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  39. Now there are many affordable Dental Insurance are available for adults as well as child. These orthodontics insurance plans covers full dental Implants or Invisalign. According to your orthodontics insurance plans which provided by the insurance company provides all expenses of dental treatments as well as dental equipments.

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    I am over 19 years of age so Met life doesn't cover any of my $6,400 ortho treatment . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lajes614600 View Post
    I am over 19 years of age so Met life doesn't cover any of my $6,400 ortho treatment . . .
    Mine either! I have both health insurance and dental insurance that would cover it... if I was under 19. I was a decade too late! But that's okay. At least I don't have to pay the whole thing all at once, and did a down payment with two years of monthly payments.
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    Zero unfortunately. My old company's plan covered $2,000-ish-I should have started back then! I paid $2,000 up front and the rest is on a payment plan.

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    Delta Dental covered $1500 for my adult Invisalign treatment (35 trays - 16 months), so my out-of-pocket costs are $3600 with my orthodontist.

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    My insurance covers adults Invisalign also, so I am pretty fortunate. My out of pocket was $2250.00.

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    Nada for adult ortho!!
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    Round 2: Began refinement 1-3-14 - 15 trays both U/L w/ 8 attachments-2U/6L.
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    50% up to $2,500

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    Zero. No coverage for adult ortho. My future kids would be covered though (50% up to 2k) lol
    Started Invisalign on: 8/29/2013 (19 attachments)
    Currently on: 25/59 U and L (weekly) + Acceledent + 2x Elastics (night wear)

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    My insurance (Delta Dental) covers up to 2K at 80%. So my Invisalign total was $5800, so I received a loan from my Credit Union for the balance of $3800.

  50. Hi I'm 41 and over here in California...My insurance covered $2,500 and my husband's covered $1,500 so I'm paying $1,300 out of pocket. Thankfully there were no age restrictions on ortho coverage on either of our plans.



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