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    my ortho story..

    Hello everyone..
    i have posted threads before about this but have been in the wrong area so some of you who are in the same boat as me may not have seen them...

    ok.. i have a very poor bite.. when i do bite only my back two teeth meet on left side,my top jaw is out of line with my bottom..so anyway i have had 2 consults and both have told me i need orthognathic treatment..
    had my second consult today and he has written a letter to my local nhs hospital ... so i am now waiting for my date to come through for appointment re orthognathic treatment..He said this will be with a
    ortho and a surgeon...
    Is there anyone awaiting like me? also would be thankful to anyone who will tell me their orthognatic story... or add me on MSN hod12@hotmail.co.uk
    Really would appreciate any feedback x

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    my sister went through the same thing, she actually found an older ortho that was able to treat her with braces and fix her bite for the most part, however, as we have said her, STABILITY becomes an issue and her bite issue has come back a bit even though wearing retainers....

    If she had to do it all over again, probably would of went with the surgery, but I would get one more ortho consult and see what the 3rd says.. call around and find ones that specailize in bite issues...

    Good luck and don't stress out, it is really an easy process and you can continue to live your life as normal while going through it :)
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