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    Orthognathic surgery in Toronto: Reviews on this Doctor

    Hi Guys,
    I need an orthognathic surgery. Could someone please let me know if you have information regarding Dr. Tina Meisami? I am feeling a bit jittery. PMs are also welcome. Thanks.

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    I have actually heard of Yorkville Oral surgery from a friend. I believe he had wisdom teeth taken out only though.... I'll ask him next time I hear from him for a review.

    The best advice I can give is to get about 3 consults and go with who you feel comfortable with.

    What kind of bite issue do you have? Class 2 or class 3? I would make sure that the doctor does several of the procedures each month and can even provide a patient to contact.

    When you feel comfortable with your doc than you can proceeed.

    Give us more background on your situation.
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