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  1. Recommend affordable ortho for invisalign plastic retainer - N. California / Nevada?

    I am wondering if anyone can recommend an orthodontist in nothern California / northern Nevada (I go to college in Nevada and am from nor. California so I'm in both areas) who can make an affordable invisalign / plastic retainer... I just need the retainer not the full invisalign treatment as I had my braces off a while ago, my contract already expired with my old ortho and there is no way I'm going back to him because he had insisted that I have a permanent bottom retainer despite the fact that it was causing severe TMJ pain for me, I have a bottom retainer that fit over the permanent retainer (since removed by my dentist) but the bumps are causing some discomfort so I need a new one made... any suggestions are appreciated.

  2. Affordable and othodontics are not synonomous words, Shop around your area. If that doesnt work you can really take a risk and try Mexico?

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