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Thread: Shelby's Story

  1. Shelby's Story

    So finally, I begin my own braces journey. I am a 25 year old female who needed braces for quite some time now. Some time in 2009 however, I realised that things were making a turn for the worst and something had to be done.

    I made my first appointment with an orthodontist. From my understanding, I have crowded teeth. Both top and bottom, mainly to the front. However, after seeing three orthodontists, I realised things are much worse.

    The first ortho, saw me, took x-rays and photographs. She told me I would need no extractions as I already had my top left wisdom removed along with my right third molar. She gave me a cost and I was on my way. The 2nd consultation was a few days after, no X-rays were taken, a simple look at the teeth. My prognosis was I would need my for first Bicuspids removed and that would be fine, given a price, on my way. My third consult (the one I decided to go with) took X-rays, photos and moulds then came with his prognosis two weeks later.

    All in all, my case is this (for those of you who know the jargon of orthodentistry) - fair crowding at the top (mainly my left central incisor), and moderate crowding at the bottom (all 4 incisors a jumbled mess). A 9mm overjet (in other words, bucked teeth to a certain extent), along with a Class II relationship on my right and a Class I relationship on my left (my top and bottom arch on the right is misaligned).

    I was given three options, A - remove all 4 bicuspids for an easy fix of all my problems with a risk of having my facial aesthetics changing. B - use and expander with some filing of teeth (no extractions), that was not plausible with my jaw structure. C - remove my left central incisor and fix my crowding and my overjet, but not the misalignment (which I am fine with). So my decision was option C.

    Regarding the missing molar at the back, I can either leave the space and have an implant, denture or bridge. Or, I can close the gap. I chose to close the gap.

    I will remove my tooth and get a filling done between now and June 8th and will let you guys know how its been (look out for me screaling in the Metal Mouth and Dental Do-Dads forums)

    I chose to go all metal as people will know I am wearing braces anyway and I am not keen on having to be extra careful with ceramics. Photos will be posted soon of my before....and after extraction (yuck!). So look out for those.

    My sentence is two years.
    See you guys soon

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    Hi!! :wave:

    Nice to see you here, Shelby! There's a wealth of knowledge here, as well as the other site. Sunny, one of our regular posters here, works in an orthodontist's office, and also has braces herself. She, as well as all the other fantastic people here will be with you, supporting you in your journey.

    Isn't it funny how most of us hate our smiles so much... yet once we decide to get braces, we post some of the grossest pictures online(extraction gaps, elastics from here to there, saliva, fillings) without a care? :D



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    Isn't it funny how most of us hate our smiles so much... yet once we decide to get braces, we post some of the grossest pictures online(extraction gaps, elastics from here to there, saliva, fillings) without a care?
    So true Cathy, sometimes i'm even turning my computer updside down and sideways trying to work out what the hell it is i'm looking at!

    Ceramic upper, metal lower for a total of 17 months. :D

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    Hi and welcome Shelby! :wave:

    Great you researched your options and are now happily on your journey to a great bite and smile.

    I look forward to following your posts.
    After 5 years, 11 months and two days of stainless steel brackets ... my teeth now have upper and lower bonded, gold wire, retainers and removable clear retainers!



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