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  1. whiten teeth with Baking Soda or Hydrogen Peroxide??

    Greetings everyone!!

    Well, I got my braces taken off a couple days ago. Now I plan on whitening my teeth with BS or HP. I do have some bs here at home but do you guys think HP would give me a better result?? Any info will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    I think its not a good decision to do it by yourself. I recommend to visit a dentist and consult with him about your tooth whitening desire. Because you dont know your tooth condition, may be BS or HP may harm your teeth. And about HP i have read and discussed with many dentists that, if the amount is not perfect that you use may also harm your mouth. So its better to consult with a good dentist.

  3. "please do not try to whiten your tooth at home",this my only suggestion to you. Just two years ago i my-self applied BS and HP at home and after that my teeth became much whiter than before.But after few days it came to my notice that my tooth root was infected and it caused damaged to my tooth.Then i went to my Dental specialist. And he told me that, that was happened only for applying BS and HP at home.That is why, i am suggesting you again that please do not try to whiten your tooth at home.It is better to visit a dental expert or if you wish you can visit myDentist.
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    Hydrogen Peroxide is a base. It dissolves skin, etc. The stuff you buy to disinfect wounds I think is only 0.3% Hydrogen Peroxide and it stings like a mother... imagine putting that in your mouth. DO NOT DO IT.

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    Hydrogen Peroxide was actually one of the first mouthwashes.

  6. In my opinion, your teeth are far too valuable to do on your own. Assuming you have insurance, a simple $20 co-pay and an hour of your time and your teeth can be taken care of by a professional.

  7. i tried it at home too but only gives me temporary results,not worth it after all so I think you better go visit your dentist asap.

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    i think it would be better to ask an expert like a dentist if you want to whiten up your teeth. it is not safe to experiment all by yourself.

  9. i think it would be better to ask an expert like a dentist



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