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Thread: my story

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    Thumbs down my story

    Hi, I signed up on the forum to share my story with you guys.

    In June 2007 I met with 4 different dentists in order to get advice on different kinds of corrections for my teeth. 3 of them recommended invisalign and one recommended traditional braces but behind my teeth so they would be "invisable" as well. Furthermore the dentist said my teeth needed more correction than what the invisalign could handle and it would be irresponsible of other dentists to recommend this treatment. His treatment was 70% more expensive so I decided to go with invisalign treatment with another dentist.

    In August 2007 I received my refiners which were 28 lower and 42 upper. At the end the results was far from optimal and the dentists ordered a second batch of refiners, 10 lowers and 12 uppers. After wearing those as well it was clear we needed more refiners to he ordered a third set of 7 lower and 7 upper. After I finished them it was clear it was not enough so he ordered a fourth set of refiners, 7 lower and 9 upper.

    That is were I am today, 34 months later, 70U and 52L trays I am not finished. The dentist advised me, and I jumped it right away, to move over to traditional braces since neither he nor I could see and end to the nightmare.

    When I am done with the treatment I will post some before and after pics. I hope you have had and will have, better luck than me. I would only recommend this treatment if you need minor corrections. My teeth didn't need an extreme correction, more of a medium one. Yes, you are probably right that I sound and feel bitter but I think I am entitled to after this treatment will take 40 months instead of 18 months and costs are about 50% over budget.

    If you have questions please fire away.


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    Eilig - I am sorry to hear you've had such a tough time. I hope the traditional braces take care of things for you and that you will be happy with your smile!

    I guess my suggestion for other readers considering Invisalign is to have a few consults with orthodontists, not just dentists. I know people can have great results while working with dentists, but orthos are also trained to deal with the "what ifs" that few of us patients anticipate at the start of treatment. In addition, in my experience, it matters a lot the experience of the provider. Any Invisalign provider - whether dentist or ortho - is very involved in the planning of the treatment, and their expertise plays a big role in how Invisalign will be used in each individual case. My dentist made it clear to me that he was only comfortable working with cases that were "easy" - but I still made the choice to go with an ortho just in case things took a turn down the wrong path.

    Aside from all of this, sometimes our teeth just don't want to move where we want them to go and treatment becomes a bit of an endurance test. I know you must be frustrated by all of this, but try to keep smiling!

    Good luck!

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    I'm going to echo the above post. Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with Invisalign. Remember that Invisalign is not responsible for determining how your teeth move. It is the treating doctor who makes that decision. There is a large variability between what can various doctors can correct using Invisalign. I've echoed this in the forum for quite a while now, but Invisalign is a technique, not a product. When's the last time an orthodontist blamed the braces for bad treatment?

    Take a look at this video that I've posted elsewhere to get a better idea of what I'm talking about... YouTube - DrJasonKTam's Channel
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    Eilig it's not nice when things go to plan, but when it's our time and plans, it can be even more frustrating. Teeth have so many things that can work for or against them and it's amazing how many people achieve their optimum results in less than the expected time. Of course this also means that there are some ... like you and me, who's teeth just aren't going to do as they're expected to and therefore treatment will take longer.

    I chose orthodontist's due to the complicated issues I had. The ortho I chose was honest and told me that my results would not be anything similar to those you see on the 'teeth' models, as I couldn't afford surgery. He was hopefully that a few other issues would go smoothly, but unfortunately they haven't.

    I never considered consulting with a dentist, as I use dentist's to correct dental problems, the area they're trained in and my dentist is a real sweetie and very supportive of my orthodontic treatment ... in fact he recommended I do something about my impacted canine many years ago.

    Here's hoping your teeth soon do what's needed for your treatment to be over.

    Good luck! :thumb:
    After 5 years, 11 months and two days of stainless steel brackets ... my teeth now have upper and lower bonded, gold wire, retainers and removable clear retainers!



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