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  1. Teeth Whitening!

    Hi Guys!

    On the first day of my second tray and things could not be better!
    Minimal pain and i'm becoming accustomed to this new routine. I see a small difference already in some of my teeth and can feel my bite changing.

    So, I was just wondering if anybody else notices that their teeth are getting whitened by just cleaning them more than usual every day. I'm brushing about 4-6 times a day (with a soft brush) with toothpaste and I notice that my teeth have gotten noticably whiter over the last 2 weeks.

    Also, so I can have my movie star teeth by the end of this, what can I do to whiten my teeth completely without those nasty crest strips or bleaching?
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    Speak to your ortho about professional whitening as I had this as part of my Invisalign package, at the end of my treatment. It was really effective but made my teeth extra sensitive for a day or so!

    However I definately noticed my teeth whitened just through brushing more often!
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    I used nitewhite with my trays. My ortho supplied it to me. You can't do it whilst you have attachments though, so you either have to do it at the beginning or the end of treatment. I plan to do mine again at the end, just to make sure that everything looks perfect.
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