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    quoted treatment time

    I had my damon braces put on almost 4 months ago. I was quoted a treatment time of 8 months. I have an annual event that occurs the 3rd weekend in may, it is like a huge family reunion/class reunion x's 10 in importance and the amount of people you see from your past.

    I had my braces put on the day after I got home last may expecting that they will be off in time for next year (with a little time to get my teeth cleaned and whitened). I keep reading people's posts saying that they were quoted a year and it ended up being two. I am getting really worried about getting them off in time. I honestly think that I will get them taken off even if the ortho says its not time.

    Anyone have any idea or guestimate of how many people's treatment is extended beyond their quoted time?

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    Have you asked your ortho about the progression of your treatment? They would be best qualified to give you an idea of how far along you are and how far you have left to go.

    That being said, I used Invisalign and was quoted an active treatment time of 12 months. My teeth responded well to treatment and that time was reduced to 9 months. At my 5 month check-up, my ortho reduced that estimate further until my final appointment at 6 months (when I had worn all my prescribed trays) when he said I was done! So, my initial estimate was 12 months, but I ended up with only 24 weeks of treatment. It is, in fact, possible for your treatment time to be reduced. Do talk with your ortho at each appointment about your concerns.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for your input...thats encouraging. I have my 2nd adjustment on Thursday and will definitely inquire about my progression.



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