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    My Story - 12 months in Braces!


    I've been lurking on this forum for over a year but decided against posting until now that I have my braces off. I had a severe 10mm overjet and some seriously wonky teeth.

    I'm now pleased to show my results and hopefully this will give inspiration to anyone thinking of getting this done! :D

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    Ok here goes. My journey started in November 2009. I wore ceramic tops and metal bottoms and spent 4 months wearing elastics to close the over jet.

    November 2009 - Bad times. Ugly, Nasty overjet!!

    August 2010 - Progress :clapping:

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    November 2009 - Dingy and wonky

    October 2010 - Results!

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    Oh just to add to this I am 32 and had spoken to 4 different ortho's over the last 15 years and none of them would touch me with a barge pole without corrective jaw surgery!!

    My current Ortho agreed to help and was amazed that we managed to close a 10mm overjet completely with just elastics alone! So my advice to anyone with a severe overjet is to request the braces first and see how far you can get without the surgery... It turned out I never needed to have any. ;)

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    Wow you're all done in just 12 months and what a difference!

    I should think this post will give others hope about their overjet being reduced too.
    Braced for 33 months. Now wearing an upper & lower essix retainer and lower bonded retainer

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    awesome! Same here, I told my ortho I wanted to avoid surgery at all costs, and he started me in elastics at 6 months in, and I wore them til the end. My braces were taken off last month and the change in them and ME is amazing. I have pictures in my blog about the changes that occured with elastics in about 7 weeks...my ortho was amazed that they worked so well--my xrays before and after were aweseom! ...I was 32 at the time also, I am 33 now and my smile is completely changed. I had a gingivectomy also to complete journey..
    congrats to you!
    Candy--ceramic uppers/metal lowers--sentenced for 24 months!

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    very nice!! thanks for sharing :toast:
    In Retainers. Hawley On Top and Perm Retainer Lower.

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    Wow your teeth look amazing and I am glad that you decided to post some pictures of your progress. I hope that you are very pleased with the results!!!

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    Fantastic outcome Geek! :toast: Your teeth/bite look amazing ... congratulations! :party:
    After 5 years, 11 months and two days of stainless steel brackets ... my teeth now have upper and lower bonded, gold wire, retainers and removable clear retainers!

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    Hi all,

    After 5 years I'm back in braces again.

    My overjet returned (even with nightly use of the Essix retainers). Although the Essix did a good job with the rotation and arch, it was unable to prevent the overjet from relapsing and my upper teeth flared out and my lower teeth retroclined backwards. My bite moved back from 1mm (perfect) to a 7mm overjet.

    I spoke to a number of orthodontists who pretty much all recommended jaw surgery or were just unable to help. However, I knew that my teeth are capable of reaching perfection (1mm overjet) without surgery.

    I finally found an orthodontist who was willing to brace me up again and would create a twin block style retainer to lock in the position and maintain jaw alignment.

    I was offered a choice of ALF arch widening with Damon braces (18 month treatment) or 6 Month Smiles with IPR (side enamel stripping) to allow room to tip the upper teeth into alignment.

    As I'm now 37 I decided to go with the 6 month option. Also the cost was 3,800 for full treatment against 2,500 for 6MS.

    Anyway, onwards and upwards I guess.
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    Good luck. Keep us posted!
    Dr Jason K Tam
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  12. That was a great improvement! I'm really happy with what you achieved with your teeth.



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