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    Bite problem after getting lingual braces


    I just got lingual braces (upper and lower) to correct an over bite. I now have bigger over bite and the only tooth that are touching now are two of my capped morals with crowns in the back on the right side. The doctor said it is normal. I am having a hard time believe it, is that normal?

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    I can't comment exactly but I think it is normal.

    There was nothing wrong with my bite before but since having my lower brace on (due to get lingual on the top next week) my teeth don't meet & I struggle to eat becuase of it now.

    People i've spoken to have the same problem & say that during your treatment this changes throughout. Sometimes they meet & others they don't.

    They say your teeth get worse before they get better.

    I presume his moving some teeth first before concentrating on your bite & if that is the case then there really is nothing to worry about.

    Hope this helps put your mind at ease a bit :-)

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    Thanks Lulu, oh lord what am I to eat then. My Ninja and blender have been going at full blast. I am emulsifying everything I eat, even my cereal. I am letting them do the chewing for me. Any other suggestion?

    Thinking of emulsifying Shushi this weekend.LOL

    God help me (and you too), what have we gotten ourselves into.

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    It will get better. As they move the teeth, more will touch and the back capped ones won't be a problem anymore. My back ones were really twisted and those were the only ones that touched initially, now all my teeth touch correctly. Give it time.



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