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  1. Adult Canine grew behind baby tooth which is still in mouth at age of 20 invisalign?

    hi, I'd be really grateful if anyone has any ideas as I've been worries sick for a year now :( My dentist never told me I infact still have a baby canine tooth in my mouth even though I am 20 and thought I had all my adult teeth.

    I was told my adult canine has grown behind a baby tooth ( i didnt know it was a baby one) instead of pushing the baby tooth out, so I have both in my mouth :'( If my baby tooth falls out one day I will have a gap where the adult tooth probably won't move forward on it's own. I've been told I'll have to pay for braces if I want to bring it forward but because they didn't notice this before I was 18 and completely missed the problem I may have to pay thousands of pounds to get it fixed. I have slight overcrowding.

    Does anybody know if a canine tooth can be moved from behind to the front without FULL braces? will invisalign fix it? or can you have a wire placed just to the few teeth next to it instead of all my teeth. I am incredibly self concious and don't think i can go through with full braces without destroying my confidence. Even clear braces seem unatrractive. Or is there an alternative, like a retainer like contraption or something removable?

    thankyou for any help you can give, I would genuinely be so grateful :)
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  2. here's a video of what the treatment plan might look like, only difference is that my canine isn't impacted it is already out in my mouth, I'm wondering if the tooth can be brought forward in a way that is less noticable that a full brace
    YouTube - impacted canine tooth

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    Hi and welcome rachel_anne. :wave:

    It's great that you can get this fixed while you're so young, I never realised that my canine was a baby tooth until I was in my 30's and I was then working as a high school teacher and there was no way I was going to have orthodontic treatment to have may canine exposed and brought down. The ortho who explained the treatment to me back then, recommended just bracketing a few teeth on that side, then the surgery, then pulling the canine down. The negative of this was that my canine would never fully be in the correct place, as I wasn't prepared for full orthodontic treatment. So I decided to live with my baby canine for another decade.

    Finally I realised it would be easier to have ortho treatment and I also realised that people don't care about my mouth, but the pain in my jaw was real and it did bother me. Unfortunately by this time my canine was fused to my jaw bone, so instead of a short treatment to bring my canine down and align my teeth, I've had a very long process to move teeth with very long roots forward.

    I recommend you consult with a few orthodontist's and hear what they have to say. It's always your choice to choose to go with a form of treatment or not. It's best to be well informed and the sooner you start, the sooner this will be over.

    Good luck! :thumb:
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    I had the same problem. I had an impacted canine that just started to grow out last year on the roof of my mouth and I'm 27. I went to the Orthodontist and was told that it was probably best that I just extracted the tooth because my teeth were already crowded. Due to the missing canine, he is trying to align my front two teeth in the middle.

    It's probably best to speak to an Ortho and see what they recommend.

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    Hi, rachel_anne!

    I had the same problem. You will probably have to had at least upper braces to help your canine get into a right place (estimated time: 1-2 years). I screwed it up by asking for lower braces too, because then my orthodontists tried to correct my slight overbite too, which prolonged my treatment to nearly seven years in total before I was finally able to took out my braces last week (and I still have overbite, so not much done for additional 4-5 of wearing lower braces). So be very careful about asking for lower braces.

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