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    I'm just wondering how people choose to pay for their lingual braces?

    I'm really considering lingual braces because I just hate the idea of regular braces.
    I just dont know how I would pay them yet, even though I go in for a free exam next week I dont want to be suprised on their paying methods.
    Do you guys have insurance that covers part of it, or do you pay for half of it and then monthly?

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    Ha ha that totally threw me then with the username. I was like I'm sure I didn't post that & actually had to think about it.

    I'm not sure where you're from. But I'm from the UK & you don't get covered by insurance for orthodontics here. You have to pay for it all unless its on the NHS which linguals wouldn't be.
    All ortho's payment plans will be different. So not sure if this will be of much use to you or not but my payment plan is fab & suits me fine. They came up with it. But basically the first instalment was 1000 when I had my moulds taken & then 800 when I had them fitted & then 200 each time I visit. Although they did say their flexible & if I can't afford 1 month I can pay it at the next appointment instead.

    Also are you looking at linguals on both upper & lowers? They are expensive & if the cost is a bit of a concern to you maybe you could consider lingual uppers & ceramic lowers. That's what I've got & it reduces the cost.
    Its the top teeth that mainly show & not so much the lowers. A ceramic brace is easier on the eyes than a traditional metal brace & although still visible it's not that noticeable as I mentioned you don't show your bottom teeth off as much.

    Hope this helps

    From another lu lu :-)

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    Hey! I'm in the states and basically I cut off my right arm and handed it over. Just kidding. My insurance covers 25% of the costs. BCBS. I paid $215 for the moulds and to find out how much it would be. I was a little annoyed about that because when i thought about braces a couple years ago they did the looksie and pricing first. But my ins. didn't cover them and I was stupid and lazy and didn't check. I then put about $985 down and then I pay $500 a month for 7 seven months. i will be paying it off with my tax refund though. We have a thing called Care Credit (basically a credit card) but didn't go that route. no interest though, i just didn't want to mess with my credit.

    I personally wish I had not gotten the linguals because I was more concerned with money and I'll be honest they still pretty much such. Totally cool you can't see them, and I talk about them a lot, but I'm gettign pretty darn sick of the food in them. and my tongue is still hurting pretty badly. Had ceramics as a kid and def. wish I had gone that route. When I talked money with my dr he said the ceramics and metal face ones would take too long and if they took too long you would really see them... With these if for some reason they take longer you can't see them anyway. But if you can deal with the image and the time I'd personally do ceramics. Cost is a lot less. And pain/annoyance is a lot less. I have had mine 5 weeks.

    Hope this helps!

  4. $7500 total for linguals on top, ceramic on the bottom.

    $2500 down payment the day they were put on, and then payment intervals for the 18 months of treatment.

    Insurance covered $2,000 in my case. That will vary. I'm in California (expensive), so price will vary a bit depending on location.

    I suggest linguals on top/ceramic on bottom if you're older and self-conscious. Otherwise, go ceramic top/bottom (it really doesn't look too bad) and save a thousand dollars.

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    My insurance did not cover anything. I paid $275 for the molds, and $3,698 for the braces. I paid up front for a discount.

    The Crime: Protruding upper canine, upper and lower crowding.
    Sentence: 2 years
    Fine: $4,100
    First day: 12/05/2011. 4 Extractions: 12/12/11. 3rd Adjustment 3/28/12 (canine's in the wire, and pulled into position!). 4th adjustment: 5/16/2012 (closing the gaps!)
    Early release, eligible for parole: June 11, 2013.

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    It also depends on the dentist and you can always ask advice from him. But for me, I prefer insurance if it is covered by it. At least you can save more.

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    Hospitals in Bellandur

    Clear braces serve as a cosmetic alternative to traditional metal braces by blending in more with the natural colour of the teeth or having a less conspicuous or hidden appearance.

  8. Do you have a dental insurance if not its time to get one now for you and your kids. In the meantime, I am sure your dentist would be open to a payment scheme that both of you would benefit.

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    I'm in Australia and we have health insurance with the option of covering Orthodontics or not. I chose to cover it.
    I'm with a company called HCF and they give you a capped level of orthodontic cover until you've been with them for 7 years which is when you reach the maximum cap limit, which is where I'm at.
    My bill is $7,000 (ceramics upper and lower) and HCF are going to pay $2600 of that. I paid a $2500 deposit ($1720 from HCF) then $225 a month for 20ish months.I receive the additional $880 when the brace come off. The impressions cost me $130 and any x-rays were covered under our Medicare scheme.
    Heather. Wife, mother and Braces at 30.



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