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  1. I'm considering Dr. Stuart Super in NYC

    I'm not feeling positive anyone will see this and say yes I've used him, but just in case. I prolly got least 3 months or so before I can have the surgery. I dunno if I should feel confident without talking to any former patients since he is afterall Dr. "SUPER"? Ha ha. Like my gastroenterologist is Dr. Gutman, I kid you not. Gut man. And I'm supposed to have reflux surgery, but he doesn't do the actual surgery, I think he just assists or checks to make sure it looks good, I dunno, I'll be asleep of course. Anyway, I even have a tailor whose last name in German means tailor. LOL. :party:

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    Check out the book Freakonomics and Superfreakonomics that talks about the likelihood of this type of thing, it's pretty interesting.

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