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  1. Can Invisalign make your teeth buck?

    After doing some research I made 2 consulation appts, one with a dentist and one with an orthodontist. The dentist(who I found on Invisaligns website) said that I was a canditate(I have one crowded tooth) and that she could do Invisalign for me. The cost was around 5000. The orthodontist however said that I was not a good candidate(I have an overbite) and recommended standard metal braces. She said that if I went with Invisalign that it would make my front teeth protrude forward so basically trading one issue for another. I reconsulted the dentist and she said that yes that was a possibility. Ive never read a review or heard anything like this before :( Im going to get my teeth fixed soon but Im having a hard time deciding on Invisalign or veneers.. any input would be greatly appreciated.. thanks! :)

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    Hello friend, I have had invisalign for less than a year and started out with buck teeth in the front and crowding on the bottom. My top teeth are almost done and both have gone in mostly, I still have 4 on top and 8 on the bottom. I have a tooth that started bad on the bottom so it taking longer but you can tell its going in the right direction. Basically, invisalign has helped me, but every case is different. I had to get mine readjusted halfway through in september. Can't wait till I'm done so I can eat normally again without having to duck away to a bathroom to take them off/on. Good luck to you on your situation, I would listen to the Ortho, but I guess you could see another one to make sure.

  3. I would think with proper IPR that the tooth would have enough room to slide in rather than buck your teeth out. I would get a third opinion.
    :party: momma

  4. As I hit return I saw a comment about veneers. I had that option but to me it sounded very costly for just 3 teeth ($3600). I went to another dentist for another quote and he talked me into Invisalign. I still have a crossbite in the back but I am happy with my results. That being said, I am a slave to my retainers, I still need to wear them at least 12-14 hours to keep my teeth from shifting and even then the retainers are very tight every night (I put them in right after dinner). I have been wearing retainers for 16 months now and wearing them that long every day is getting very very old. I suppose thinking back on it now, veneers would have been a better option for me. Invisalign sounds great, I only had to wear the aligners for 10 months to have my teeth straight, but just night time wear is a falicy

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    Why don't you get bonded retainers mommamorin?
    .oO ROSIEEE Oo.

  6. Hi Rosie
    I was considering bonded ones, Phantom Muse is/has gotten them but she is still wearing the Invisalign retainers over them at night. I do believe I've also read that Dr. Tam had them and his teeth shifted so he went with the Vivera retainers (which I am now wearing).
    I read you are almost done, and if I can recall, you are getting the new flossible bonded ones? Please keep us up to date on how you are liking them.
    :party: momma

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    Hi Momma!

    Yes, I do have them on both arches, and I really do like them. It is SOOOOO much easier with the bonded; there is no worry at all during the day. I do still wear my Vivera at night, but will likely wean to wearing those for only a few nights weekly. After a month or so with the bonded, the teeth seemed to settle more (the front ones on both arches), and now the Vivera is less tight. It will always be tight, I am told, because it is a very rigid retainer - more so than the Essix - so any tiny movement will be felt. My ortho offered me an Essix but I chose to stick with the Vivera because they are less bulky and easier to clean.

    I think your case illustrates the importance of wearing retainers because teeth do shift! So many don't wear retainers and end up right back where they started (ahem, that would be ME). The bonded retainers keep those front teeth secure, while wearing the removables at night (sometimes I only wear them 6 hours or so - I rarely sleep for more than that) serves more as a "check" that everything is in place. I was told that adults often have a harder time with stability because our teeth were so "married' to their original positions for so long, and they want to return from whence they came.

    So, Momma, I no longer think of my shifting teeth as an abnormal consequence of Invisalign, but rather as something I would need to consider no matter what type of braces I had. The bonded retainers make my days so much easier because I don't have to think about the trays at all during that time, and they are comfortable, tiny, and easy to clean. It sounds like you might be at the end of your patience, and so I would suggest you seriously consider bonded retainers. After about 48 hours, you will forget about them and LOVE being done with Invisalign! :clapping:

  8. hi Phantom, it's so good to hear from you. I am happy to hear you're getting along great with your bonded retainers. I do have a question though, the bonded ones are permanent? I was wondering how you got your vivera over them. I will definitely have to look into this, my Invisalign provider does not do the bonded retainers but it would surely be worth a visit to an ortho.
    Thanks so much!
    :party: momma

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    I love my bonded retainer (just one at the moment) - I was going to get the flossable 'LingLock' retainers but my orthodontist ended up advising against it because they apparently have the tendancy to break off often and would end up being expensive having to order new sets...they aren't available for purchase in New Zealand and have to be bought elsewhere.
    .oO ROSIEEE Oo.

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    Momma - After I had the bonded (permanent) retainers put on, my ortho cut my existing Vivera to fit around them. I then decided a week or two later to have new impressions done so I could get an "intact" Vivera that fit over the bonded retainers. I am still waiting for those, but I should have them within the next week or so.

    The "cut" Vivera retainers work fine, but for better comfort I wanted ones that were "factory perfect!" Because my existing ones were cut by the ortho, they are a little rough and actually feel bulkier to me than when they were intact. So, I decided the extra money was worth it to get what I really wanted.

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    I second what PM has written.

    I will be getting upper six and lower eight bonded retainer, essix and hawley retainers. The bonded retainers will be put on before my braces are removed. After wires are bonded in place, the moulds for my removable retainers will be made and then about a week later I will get my removable retainers. These retainers will be warn with the bonded retainers for a period of time and then it will be bonded full time and removable at night only, to take care of all my teeth.

    The bonded retainer is not permanent ... it will only work for the teeth that are bonded to it and while the bonding is in place. Many people find there bonded retainers work for many years and I've spoken to people who've had their bonded retainers for 10+ years. The rest of your teeth need the removable retainer to keep them in place.

    The removable retainers are also essential incase the bonding comes off one or more teeth, so that they can be kept in place until you get the bonded retainer fixed by an orthodontist.
    After 5 years, 11 months and two days of stainless steel brackets ... my teeth now have upper and lower bonded, gold wire, retainers and removable clear retainers!



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