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    Time between molds and seeing the video (clinicheck) for refinements

    Hi, I am new here and have been having problems with my dentist. Last Novemenber he said I needed refinements and took new molds. I just saw the video this week. Yep, four months. I complained over and over and he said the Invisalign company was hard to deal with. I am assuming it's his fault, but I am forced to go along with this because I don't want to pay to start over with a new dentist.

    This is not normal, is it? To wait so long for new video?

    Is there anyone I can complain to? Besides here. :)

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    So no one else has had this problem? Can anyone tell me how long you waited from the time you got new molds taken until you saw your video?


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    Our invisalign provider rarely show the clincheck due to it not be appropriate to how the teeth move. The video is a computer interpretation and has no idea of how your teeth will move. So please don't be concerned about this. Instead make sure the aligners are doing the work you need to have your teeth moved correctly.
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    If you have received your aligners, it means that your treatment plan has been finalized, and that the ClinCheck of those aligners should be available.

    There is an interface in the software for the doctor to export a movie file.
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