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Thread: Invisalign Tips

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    Lightbulb Invisalign Tips

    Hi all

    I thought it would be a good idea to get a new thread going where Invisalign wearers can share useful tips they've picked up along their Invisalign journeys. I feel like I'm continually learning something new (granted I'm only 4 weeks in) and if that knowledge helps even one person, I think it's worth sharing!

    So, two of the many things I've discovered recently:

    1. RetainerBrite is brilliant for cleaning aligners! You will see from other posts, I am not a fan of using just water to clean my aligners, so having read several forums where RetainerBrite was mentioned, I decided to try it. In the UK, it's about 6 for a months supply but well worth it.

    2. Colgate Wisp: I wish I discovered these sooner! They are discreet disposable toothbrushes which clean and freshen with no need for water! Use the mini brush on the surface of your teeth (which releases a mint bead) and use the soft tip of the handle base to clean between your teeth. So handy when you're out and about at dinner, parties etc. In the UK, they are about 4 for 4 brushes (c.1 a brush which, as long as you don't need to use them every day, I think is worth the cost)!

    Love to hear about any other tips or info you guys might have!


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    Seconded on the Retainer Brite! Keeps them clear and smelling good.

    Other things I wish I knew when I started Invisalign:

    1) Get an "outie", or similar removal tool. Get a few in case you lose one. Makes it SO much easier to remove the aligners, and saves your fingernails. OUTIE Tool

    2) When changing to new aligners, do it at night so you can go a longer stretch of time without having to remove them.



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