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    Cosmetic dentistry expensive?

    I would just like to no if cosmetic dentistry expensive.

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    Depends on where you go. I am going to a University dentistry and ortho clinic. My ceramic braces for 2 years of treatment is about $4,000. If you require extractions, it is usually about $120 per tooth. The sedation, depending on the form varies from $80-$200.

    Now, unless you just want to do cosmetic dentistry, which I think is different- I originally was going to just have my problem tooth pulled, and some fillers, and tooth shaving to make it "look aesthetic", would have been cheaper, but I opted to go for actually being straight rather than just appearing straight.

  3. Hi dent22,
    In todays world everyone wants to look beautiful. I lost my teeth in a road accident. One of my friend suggest me smiles for siouxland . Cosmetic dentistry was at very affordable price. After cosmetic dentistry I got my confidence back thanks to smile for siouxland. Now cosmetic dentistry has become a very important part of dentistry and it is appropriate for every age group.

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