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Thread: Yellow teeth

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    Yellow teeth

    After they have took of my braces.It looks like my teeth look more yellow than last time.Is there anything to make my teeth more white without whiting strips or whiting my teeth at the dentist.

    My braces are off :)

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    Make an appointment to have your teeth checked by your dentist and cleaned by your hygienist. Hopefully it won't take much to get them back to their usual shade.
    After 5 years, 11 months and two days of stainless steel brackets ... my teeth now have upper and lower bonded, gold wire, retainers and removable clear retainers!

  3. Of course there are toothpastes and mouthwashes that promote whitening teeth. I am not sure how well these work though as I have not had much success with them. I agree with Sunny in that a good cleaning by a dentist/hygienist will help initially. If you do not have a dentist, you could search a review site and find out who others recommend. You might ask what can be done in between visits to improve the color. It will not be an instant change in color, rather a gradual whitening maybe taking 6 months to a year.
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  4. I agree that you should have your teeth whitened by a hygienist. Then you can ask for their recommendations of what would work best with your teeth.

  5. if you are not open for check-ups to a dentist or white strips, I come across a thread here about baking soda and hydrogen peroxide as whitening agents. You might wanna check it out and try it at home too.

  6. It is still best not to have any DIY system. Consult your dentist right away and ask the best remedy.

  7. I am suffering from the same problem man, my teeth is also gon very yellow. I am always consulting the doc for this just in the interval of 2 months and in the next month it gonna yellow yet. I already expenses too much for this but can't find any useful soln so that mu money is not wasted ever for this regularly. So kindly if u got any soln then plz post me .

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    The best solution for whitening your teeth is to be cleaned by a hygienist since your brace are just removed, you can also try some home remedies like brushing your teeth with baking soda some says that this could help whiten the teeth but still it wold be much better to go to a dentist.

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    I have posted some tips which will help you to make your teeth white:
    Avoid consumption of coffee, tea, cola, red wine, tobacco.
    Mouth washes with antibacterial action and plaque dissolvers also help in the prevention of stains
    Chewing gum has two beneficial actions helps to clean the teeth in a by removing the debris,
    Rinse your mouth thoroughly with water after every meal
    Try to eat more crunchy fruits and vegetables such as apples carrots, celery, radishes, and peppers as it helps to clean the teeth.

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    Do clean your teeth after every meal and I think it would work better.

  11. Whitening strips

  12. Yellow teeth causes and treatment

    Hi Friends,

    Yellow teeth are due to many reasons

    -Food and drinking habits
    -Tobacco use
    -Advancing age

    These are the main reasons for yellow teeth
    I was also suffering from the yellow teeth.If you are suffering from same then you must do teeth whitening.It is very effective for yellow teeth.



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