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  1. What happens if after braces you don't wear any retainer?

    I know that the teeth go back in their previous position but do they go completely back or just move a little bit in the previous direction, and how much and what this moving depend on? If I f.eks. have closed a 7 mm gap for a missing tooth is it realistic that without a retainer the same sized gap will appear again?
    Or f.eks. if for 1 month I have closed a 1mm gap is the same 1mm gap caming back or only half sized and how long time will it take to come back - 1 month, less or more?
    And in general what happens after braces without any kind of retainer after?

  2. I wonder also how long is the shortest period to wear braces. If f.eks. I need so minimal correction which is realized after one month how long time after this I must continue to wear braces and then how long retainer. What is the minimum period for wearing braces in general?
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  3. Not wearing your retainer = getting braces again at a later time.

    I had braces in 6 grade. My teeth were pretty jacked up and they did a great job fixing them. I wore my retainer 24/7 for maybe the first week. Then I started wearing it every night and sometimes during the day. Then it became only at night and then once it stopped fitting never again. I forget how long it all took for it to stop fitting completely. But at one point the top one could not go in and the bottom one always would, but then I lost it at school and gave up for good. I definitely was not mature enough at the time for the retainer. I should have got braces at a later time.

    Now here I am 10 years later for round two.

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    Jensen ... what is f.eks?

    Without retainers you can expect your teeth to return to where they came from and further. Teeth will move for as long as you're alive.

    The length of time we need to wear braces is related to how long it takes to get our teeth into alignment and our bite operating correctly. The part of our teeth we can see is only a small part of the alignment. The main area of alignment is the root of the teeth, which is in the gum. Unless this area is aligned properly, the stability of the results will be difficult, if not impossible.

    Retainers are for life, as teeth move for life and the only way they can be kept in the finished position, is by regularly using the aligners to keep them that way. To begin with theres's a period of full day retainer wear, then every night, and for many people this can be reduced for two or three nights a week.
    After 5 years, 11 months and two days of stainless steel brackets ... my teeth now have upper and lower bonded, gold wire, retainers and removable clear retainers!



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