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    whitening teeth during invisalign?

    Even though I'm not yet halfway through my first round of treatment, I'd really like to whiten my teeth. A couple of them have always been a little darker in colour, which I'm noticing more as they move forward (yay!). But also, for a week or so I drank tea with my trays in and I think that darkened all my teeth a little bit (boo...) - lesson learned.

    So I was wondering if anyone has whitened their teeth during their treatment and if so, did you bleach or laser, and how did you deal with attachments? I'm thinking of asking my ortho if I can have them taken off and reattached after whitening. I've heard of people having their attachments removed for weddings etc - does anyone know what orthos charge for this kind of thing?
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    Hi Magdalene,

    I just had three attachments removed for my wedding in a week or so - took about 2mins, and I'll have them put back later (does mean I'm stuck with the same aligners for almost two months though). Maybe it's because I only have a few attachments, but my ortho seems happy to do it free of charge.

    I've just started using Crest Pro Effects whitening strips ahead of the wedding. I have one attachment on my lower teeth that we didn't remove because you can't really see it. After using the strips just twice, I think I can see that the attachment is whiter than the surrounding teeth, so pretty sure whitening treatments will affect the attachments in a different way to your teeth.

    Just my tuppence' worth :)

  3. I got whitening gel with my treatment that i put in the aligners, i can have as much as i want and my ortho was saying its one of the best opportunities i will have to whiten my teeth, some people have said i should be careful because of the attachments... i will take my chances i think.

    I dont drink anything but water with them in

  4. I was told to wait until my Invisalign treatment was over to start whitening otherwise there would be spots where the attachments were.. When the time got closer I asked questions about the Zoom whitening process they offered there. I was shocked when they told me it was $500! Anyway, I prepared myself for the expense because I figured that was the only way to get whiter teeth. I never thought much about the gels and the strips never did anything for me.

    Well,on my visit to the office to get my attachments off the assistant handed me a syringe of Nite White and told me to put it in my trays for whitening. I had zero faith in this product but tried it anyway since it was included. Just after two times using it I had a family member ask me if I had my teeth whitened. I didn't notice a difference but I stuck with it. After running out of that one syringe I wanted to keep going and get them as white as can be. By doing some research, I found out that you can get it much cheaper online than what the dentist will charge you. So, I stocked up and also found there is Day White,which is stronger and you don't have to leave it on as long.

    I have had strangers ask me how I get my teeth so white. That's when I slowed down with the whitening. I figured family and friends were just being nice but when people I didn't know asked then I started to believe that my teeth were getting too white.:D

    Maybe the Zoom process is in some way better but for the money I saved I will stick with the gel.

    I know that's a little off topic but I just wanted to help anyone looking to save some money.

    I would wait until the attachments are off (unless they are in the back and you don't see them) because it won't take long for you to get them white once you are done.

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    My ortho has said she will give me my tubes of whitening stuff to use whilst Im waiting for my refinement trays to come back. She will take off all my attachments during this period. I thought it would be more sensible to wait till the end but she said that the whitener can damage trays so u don't want to put it in your final tray/ retainer.
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    Hi there,

    You can whiten using nitewhite in your trays BUT - you musn't do it whilst you have attachments. They area below the attachment won't bleach and even if you redo them later they'll never catch up. Much as we all love our attachments I'm not sure we want permanent reminders! Having said that if you are attachment free, then please bleach away. You can see the results of mine on my blog... I did them right at the beginning in the first week I think.
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