Hey guys,

So I've had my incognito braces on for four months now and wanted to tell everyone who's considering it that they will not regret this decision. I have incognito on both my upper and lower sets of teeth. The adjustment period for me was about two weeks. During the adjustment period, my tongue was being scratched up, but that was because I chose not to use any wax since I wanted to have my tongue adjust to the new appliance. I figured that my cheeks or tongue was going to get scratched up no matter which route I took, so might as well go with the one no one could see. After the adjustment period, I don't even notice the braces there anymore; I just go on with my day as if they were never even put on.

As for my speech, I did develop a noticeable lisp, which was no fun. The day after I had my braces put on, a couple of my coworkers thought I was punched in the mouth, and what made it worse was it was one of my busiest days being on the phone. Definitely did not enjoy saying my name over again since it has both my first and last names start with S. But I did enjoy using Sylvester the cat's catch phrase, "Sufferin' sacatash!"

On that note, anyone who has linguals put on for the first time, try saying photosynthesis, that should keep you entertained till you master it!

But as with everything, practice makes perfect. I had already decided to visit my friends' college graduation two weeks after I had my braces put on, so my goal was to master my speech and see how many people noticed anything different. I kept trying to speak every chance I had, and I would read the rainbow passage a few times before going to sleep each night. What helped me the most was listening to rap music when driving and trying to sing the lyrics. This might sound ridiculous to some, but Eminem songs are best to practice with. His rhythmic style, the different sounds he uses and just the speed he raps with will leave your mouth sore and exhausted after one song. Honestly, any rap songs that is fast-paced should help since they force you to keep up without spending too much time thinking about the sound you're making.

But anyways, going on with my review, after two weeks, I was successful. I went to my friends' graduation, and no one noticed anything off about my speech. Even the one person I know who usually catches the tiniest details didn't even notice. No one knew anything was different until I brought it up during their barbecue (because I had a hard time eating since I also had my bicuspids pulled and my teeth were still sensitive).

There are still moments when I'm super tired when a very light lisp comes out, but that's pretty rare now. I can speak and eat without my braces affecting me. Oh as for food, I pretty much eat anything and everything I was eating before. The best part is, except for my closest friends and people I had to speak with during the initial two week period, no one realizes I have braces on unless I bring it up.

For anyone who is thinking of getting incognito braces, I would not hesitate to go for them again.