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    Four Month Update

    Hey guys,

    So I've had my incognito braces on for four months now and wanted to tell everyone who's considering it that they will not regret this decision. I have incognito on both my upper and lower sets of teeth. The adjustment period for me was about two weeks. During the adjustment period, my tongue was being scratched up, but that was because I chose not to use any wax since I wanted to have my tongue adjust to the new appliance. I figured that my cheeks or tongue was going to get scratched up no matter which route I took, so might as well go with the one no one could see. After the adjustment period, I don't even notice the braces there anymore; I just go on with my day as if they were never even put on.

    As for my speech, I did develop a noticeable lisp, which was no fun. The day after I had my braces put on, a couple of my coworkers thought I was punched in the mouth, and what made it worse was it was one of my busiest days being on the phone. Definitely did not enjoy saying my name over again since it has both my first and last names start with S. But I did enjoy using Sylvester the cat's catch phrase, "Sufferin' sacatash!"

    On that note, anyone who has linguals put on for the first time, try saying photosynthesis, that should keep you entertained till you master it!

    But as with everything, practice makes perfect. I had already decided to visit my friends' college graduation two weeks after I had my braces put on, so my goal was to master my speech and see how many people noticed anything different. I kept trying to speak every chance I had, and I would read the rainbow passage a few times before going to sleep each night. What helped me the most was listening to rap music when driving and trying to sing the lyrics. This might sound ridiculous to some, but Eminem songs are best to practice with. His rhythmic style, the different sounds he uses and just the speed he raps with will leave your mouth sore and exhausted after one song. Honestly, any rap songs that is fast-paced should help since they force you to keep up without spending too much time thinking about the sound you're making.

    But anyways, going on with my review, after two weeks, I was successful. I went to my friends' graduation, and no one noticed anything off about my speech. Even the one person I know who usually catches the tiniest details didn't even notice. No one knew anything was different until I brought it up during their barbecue (because I had a hard time eating since I also had my bicuspids pulled and my teeth were still sensitive).

    There are still moments when I'm super tired when a very light lisp comes out, but that's pretty rare now. I can speak and eat without my braces affecting me. Oh as for food, I pretty much eat anything and everything I was eating before. The best part is, except for my closest friends and people I had to speak with during the initial two week period, no one realizes I have braces on unless I bring it up.

    For anyone who is thinking of getting incognito braces, I would not hesitate to go for them again.

  2. I am getting my lingual braces in about 2 weeks, i was wondering how fast can you see the results?

  3. ^ I think it varies on the severity and complexity of your case. Expect it to be shorter if your case is a mild and longer if otherwise.

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    Thank you so much for posting this! I have had mine for 3 days now and although it is a little difficult with eating and talking, your post makes me very optimistic about how things will be once uni starts in about 4 months.

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    Two Year Update

    I haven't visited this website since I last posted this, but since it's near the two year mark for me (and hopefully closing in on when they come off), I thought I'd give a quick update to anyone still considering incognito or lingual braces. As stated back then, if I had to make this decision all over again, I would still go with incognito.

    After my mouth adjusted to the braces and I became used to it, I would pretty much forget I had them on (except when closing in around orthodontic appointments). The only change I made to my diet was not eating almonds or chewing gum. I pretty much went back to eating the same stuff I normally ate before the braces (chicken, steak, lamb, pasta, burgers, pizza, bagels, etc...).

    As for speaking, my speech is pretty normal. I don't think about it. No one thinks I have a lisp, and it doesn't show up, even if I am very tired. If anything, the people who I have told I have braces on always forget I have them until I have to remind them (I remind them because they are usually the same ones that offer me stuff like peanuts and all).

    At this point, I am wondering more just how it's going to feel once they are finally removed.

    If there is one issue I have had with these, there is one bracket near the back of my mouth that for whatever reason would pop off every once in a while (once every couple months). But other than that, I haven't had any issues with my incognito braces.

    If anyone is still wondering if they should go with linguals, I'd say go for it.

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    I assume you haven't had to use elastics or your orthodontist was able to attach the elastics to the lingual side. I was very happy with my lingual braces, had a very similar experience to you, until I needed elastics to fix my bite. Now I have brackets/buttons on the outside of almost every tooth. I feel like it has defeated the whole "hidden braces" thing and now its like I've got two sets of braces on my teeth: inside and outside. I might reccomend people ask the ortho if they will have elastics attached on the outside or inside before choosing a treatment plan. If I knew I would have all these external brackets for 6+ months, I probably would have chosen the clear outside brackets instead. IMG_0431.jpg

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    Actually, I also have elastics on right now to correct my bite. The elastics are probably the most annoying part since I find myself yawning pretty often during the day, which causes the elastic to break. My buttons are also in front of the teeth, however, my orthodontist has done a good job of hiding them (by placing them pretty close to the gum line). I would have to be smiling really hard for someone to be able to notice the buttons. The elastic, on the other hand, might be a bit more noticeable when I talk since they go from the top tooth to the bottom. But even then, I feel as if I would have to open my mouth really wide for someone to be able to point it out.

    I'm hoping that I have to have them on for hopefully just another couple months or so since my orthodontist tells me I am nearly done.

    It's definitely a good idea to ask the orthodontist what's the chance you have to wear buttons/elastics on the outside. I know it's something I wasn't aware of when I first chose which appliance I wanted.

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    Soshamim - Glad to hear I'm not alone! I guess it all depends on what kind of elastics a person will need. I had triangles that looked like fangs on my front teeth (Really noticible - makes me look like a twilight wannabe).

    I certainly don't mean to bash linguals. I've been super happy with the linguals themselves. I had minimal speech problems and really don't have issues with my tongue being poked or trouble eating.

    I just felt frustrated that I was given the impression the whole treatment would be hidden and now I have tons of buttons/brackets on the outside that make it obvious I'm wearing braces. And of course, as soon as I had the elastics/buttons put on, I had a bunch of interviews/videos at work so now I'll forever be remembered as the fang tooth person.

  11. Mueller, are you still wearing your elastics? How long did you have to have them on (if they've been removed already)? I got the triangles late June, so now they are more noticeable. As stated before, these are definitely the most annoying part of the experience since I have to do more maintenance with them (removing them before I eat, reattaching them either after eating or after they break, etc.). They break pretty often, too (I guess since I yawn a lot).

    They have also brought back some of the lispy sound if I talk too fast (I guess because they tend to dry out my mouth more), and they limit how much I can open my mouth. The last part isn't really a hassle or anything; its just that I have noticed that the volume of my voice has also gone down which I am assuming is because of it.

  12. They are finally off!

    It's been a while since I wrote these. After almost three years, my braces have finally come off today! I will say, for anyone wondering why I had them on for that long, I spent some time overseas, which obviously delayed the completion date by about the same time, and a string of last minute breakages due to freak accidents (some rice that wasn't cooked right managed to break my wire at one point near the end of my treatment, talk about laammme). Otherwise, they would have been off sooner.

    As for the retainer, I have the permanent retainer + essix retainer. So far I haven't noticed the permanent retainer on since it has a much lower profile than the linguals. The essix seems like a version of invisalign.

    Overall I am happy with my smile. I am happy with the choice I made on going with linguals. I still recommend these to anyone who is considering braces.
    Last edited by soshamim; 02-05-2014 at 10:28 PM.

  13. my brace was finnaly come off weeks ago. I will say thank you to it!

  14. Its really good to know that there are not as many as problems related with the incognito braces.I have heard a lot of rumors about them like you can not talk properly they create a problem for your tongue and are really hard to get clean.I dont think all of that is true after getting these kind of views here.i hope now i can visit a good orthodontist and get incognito braces to aling my teeth.My only question here is that what kind of braces should be best and for how many time i have to get them on?Any help would be appreciated.

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    Mahtab, only an orthodontist can tell you an actual time frame on how long you'll need to wear braces. Each case is different. A good ortho will discuss the different types of treatment they provide (traditional metal, lingual, Damon, ceramic, Invisalign, etc.)

    I would suggest you search for orthos in your area that specialize in the treatment method you're interested in. Get some estimates from a few different places. See which provider you feel the most comfortable with.

    Best of luck in your search :)
    Invisalign Start Date: 1-17-2013

    Initial round of treatment: 24 U&L, 14 attachments
    Refinements 1/28/14: 22 U&L, 16 attachments, 3 metal buttons, 5 elastics

    Lower retainer 12/23/14, circumferential elastics
    Upper retainer 1/14/15



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