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  1. Two questions about elastics

    I have elastics from my canines on top to my second molars on bottom. What is the purpose of this?

    Are elastics generally the last step in braces?


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    I'd like to know too!!
    50+ ceramic top and bottom as of 2-16-10
    Top Braces off 8/15/12
    Bottom Braces off 9/11/12

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    This elastic configuration is meant to bring your lower arch forward. Watch this video for more understanding of how your teeth will move: Class II Elastic Wear - YouTube

  4. Elastics are not necessarily the last step. They can be put on at any time. Just depends what the ortho is trying to do.I got elastics eight weeks after having my braces on. I wear them at night only.;)

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    I had to have elastics put on the same day as my braces.

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    They help move your teeth faster. I had elastics put on at 4 months and have been wearing them 24/7 for 8 months now. For me they are closing the gaps in my upper jaw and creating space for my crowed teeth in my lower jaw. I believe I'll be wearing them for the remaining year of my treatment time.

  7. I got my elastics about 8 months after my braces being put onimage.jpgimage.jpg



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