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Thread: Incognito Help!

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    Incognito Help!

    Hi Everyone ~

    I have made the decision to go ahead with Incognito braces. I am set up for my first appointment this week. I am now starting to question my ortho a bit, though. Don't get me wrong, he was very professional, honest, confident, and has a payment plan that works for me, BUT, I did just find out after looking through his website that he is brand new to incognito. I would be one of his first patients. He is not new to orthodontics, but I know incognito is a different technique. There is another ortho a little further away from me that does incognito and has more experience with it, but like I said, she is further away. I am *very* anxious to get started ASAP with this treatment, but should I postpone this first appointment to at least meet with this other ortho???

    Or is an ortho new to incognito an OK thing?

    Thanks for any thoughts/advice.

  2. Nice

    I said, she is further away. I am *very* anxious to get started ASAP with this treatment, but should I postpone this first appointment to at least meet with this other ortho???

  3. I have posted twice on this forum before wondering what it would be like for my surgery. like the before and after. well tomorrow is my six week, which is supposed to be my last day of recovery. First off, i have had a double jaw surgery, i have 29 screws and 4 plates in my mouth right now, and they are permanent (So bring on airport security!!). going into surgery i was nervous but they gave me a pill that would relax and make me drousy. i walked into the opperation room, one of the doctors told me to breath in and out a few times, he then put a mask over my face then i was asleep (I told them i would be more comfortable if they didnt stick a needle in me to put me asleep). i eventually awoke in my recovery room, and was basically out of it for the rest of the day. this was a 6-7 hour surgery by the way. this happened on wednesday and i was released from the hospital on friday. i had atleast 10-15 visitors. 2 of those visitors were players from the Minnesota Wild Hockey team!! so cool. i lost 15 lbs in the first 3 days cause i obviously wasnt eating or drinking, which was hard cause of my swollen face and numb lips. i had rubber bands on my braces so i could open my mouth after the surgery. i lost a lot of blood unfortunately, but i was fine after a few days. i didnt use that much morphine or pain meds because i didnt really have that much pain. the first 2 weeks at home went by so slow mainly because i watched netflix hah. at week 5 my surgeon said i could finally start being active. just no contact sports. so that was a summary of what my experience was like. i am so glad i went through with the surgery!!! i am so happy with my results! and so is everyone else!! the only bad things about this whole experience was mainly, going into surgery, then the liquid diet (i blended up a Big Mac, pizza, lasagna, chicken pot pie, Rueben from Arby's (dont do that..)), i had to sleep on a lazy boy chair because if your head is elevated, the swelling will go down faster, the lack of doing stuff, and losing 15 lbs. here are some photos of my x-rays... and the wild players.



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