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  1. Unhappy Social 6 braces and molar build ups on today...can't talk!

    Hoping someone can give me a few words of help!

    After years of hating my teeth I finally decided to get braces and they went on today (upper only, using Social 6)
    I was terrified (literally shaking!) but getting them on was ok-ish...however, now I really can't speak and really upset about it. A big part of deciding to get the braces was because my confidence was so low generally and now I am really worried that I'm going to suffer even worse confidence by speech problems even if they are temporary. Also I had really big molar build ups go on my upper side molars which are pretty visible , so aside from the lisping/slurring I am just dreading opening my mouth. I know it's only Day 1 and yes, I was expecting a bit of a lisp but this just seems ridiculous and it feels like the buildups are the big problem... Can anyone offer any advice? I am trying to talk out loud and practice but I'm just getting really upset about it all - was prepared for pain/difficulty eating but not being able to talk!!! i have a big work meeting on Thursday and tonight it just seems impossible that I'm going to be in any normal and just want to hide under my duvet for the next 7 months.

    So any tips on talking? and should the buildups be so big and near the front of my mouth?

    Will try and focus on the end results but it's hard at the moment!

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    Hi, it sounds like you're doing the right things (talking out loud, etc.). I had a big presentation the day after I got mine placed and I was dreading it, but it was OK. The lisp gets better in time and being well hydrated also helps.

    Sorry, can't answer your question about build ups.

  3. Thank you. Just feel an absolute fool when I talk now and woken up this morning in more pain than yesterday. It's like having to learn how to talk all over again - because of the buildups, it's not just a lisp, but also my 'd's and 'g's are hard to say. I am just saying the alphabet over and over out loud (my neighbours must think I'm mad!)
    I guess the first few weeks will be hard... I am just so impatient and kind of wishing I'd just got my wonky teeth pulled and had implants and veneers instead!! But thanks for reply, it's good to know other people understand.

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    You poor thing! I was in the same situation when I got my uppers on (seven days ago) I literally sat reading this blog balling crying and wanting to never go out again until they were off! I was starting a new job on Thursday which involved a four day weekend away to bond with my team that only added to the stress! However, a week later things are MUCH better.. And right now it feels like it will be worth it after all! I really hope things have improved for you!

  5. Hey Thanks For The Information. I am a new guy in this forum

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    This is very distressing for me to read. I am scheduled to get my braces on October 25th, full metal uppers and lowers to close a large diastema and correct a deep bite. I had an appointment with my orthodontist on Friday and he told me was going to be putting bite turbos on my back molars but I think he's really going to be putting molar builds ups on. I forgot to ask him how long they would have to stay in. After reading this posting, I'm now hoping I don't have any speech problems. Having braces will be bad enough along with all the problems with eating. Having speech problems on top of everything else would probably just about do me in.



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