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  1. Cheap braces (Melbourne)

    Hi everyone,

    I recently found a place in Melbourne that does braces (ceramic and invisalign) for quite cheap. Here's the link:

    Cost of Braces - Invisalign - TruLine - Wisdom Dental Emergency

  2. I can also suggest Angle House Orthodontics. My sister in law had a dental treatment in there before. They really provide quality services. You can go through this Link: Angle House Orthodontics -Melbourne

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve19 View Post
    Folks i am getting my braces done from Dr Juhi Yadav east bentleigh dental group in bentleigh east melbourne. They have charged me 5000$ for the treatment on interest free 24 month plan and the initial consultation appointment was free (i have severe cross bite and overbite). The good think about the doctor is she handles certain volume of patients every year to avoid overload and has good understanding about aesthetic and functional orthodontics.

    personal site Juhi Yadav Dwivedi
    Hi Steve19, how much did you have to pay for a deposit and how much do you have to pay off monthly? I am a young student trying to find a reasonable orthodontist who is flexible with a payment plan! Thanks, Catherine :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve19 View Post
    Hi Catherine,

    I have paid 500 upfront and paying around 220$ par month on interest free payment plan for 24 months (totally worth it) . If you pay the whole amount i think they give 10% discount on total price and family discount on two or more braces .I am a student myself and it really helps out with payment plans . I find Dr juhi very knowledgeable in functional/aesthetic orthodontics ,She manged me very well during my braces on appointment specially i have asthma and chair anxiety.

    I did some free consultation with other docs and found lot of pressure on selling on expensive invisalign specially with ,lingual braces , self ligating braces ranging from 8k to 15k with east bentleigh dental group i found the doctor was honest and upfront with no selling bullshit , just what is required braces and two tooth extracted on payment plan. Also do your own research on invisalign which most general dentist try to offer , they might be good for some candidates but for others wont be the ideal treatment and some dentists for the sake of money making will recommend everyone for invsalign :( but you wont get the ideal results with it . So you need someone with good professional Integrity , honesty and knowledge to recommend you what is right for you .So do your own research and don't easily fall for any marketing gimmick like no extraction treatments, bla bla latest technology, night braces, guards , groupons ,coupons etc lol .Only a person who has studied orthodontics at a masters level would be able to take that call what is best treatment for you .I m highly satisfied with my treatment with dr juhi yadav and highly recommend it so far so good.

    Hi Steve!

    Thank you so much for your reply! Wow they do sound excellent! That is the cheapest I have heard so far, I live in the country and have done my research around here but most orthodontists want about $2,000 upfront (money that I do not have lol) so I have looked around Melbourne emailing and calling clinics where the price is lower but this is the cheapest I have heard of :)

    I forgot to ask, did you get Invisalign or metal braces? I am looking at getting metal braces so if you got Invisalign hopefully bentleigh east dental do metal braces :)

    Thanks for all the info Steve!

    Catherine :)
    Last edited by Cat21; 05-14-2013 at 09:05 AM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve19 View Post
    Hi Cat,

    Well its feels like i have done my PHD on braces :), i did go for metal braces cos they were the best treatment option for my case with serve cross bite and overbite. I have been researching for like 6 months for affordable treatment and the funny thing is my brother in law is a well known orthodontist with super specialization (m-orth) in Austria (vienna) . last time i visited him he got my xray and ceph anlalysis done and advised me that i m unfit candidate for invisalign and i would require two tooth extractions from upper jaw with bite correction and my lower jaw needs to bring forward to be able to balance out. he also explained me how important is to visualize treatment in regards to how would you look post 30s and 40s .Will your treatment will provide you good aesthetic look with your facial soft tissues when you get old . Its not just about moving my teeth inside, also i breathe via mouth cos its open at night and post my treatment my mouth will get closed and my lower jaw will comes forward and ill be able to breathe proper cos i have asthma and when my lower jaw is bit backwards it makes breathing difficult when i straight sleep (long term possibly get sleep apnea if not treated).

    When i went to few dentist in melbourne bay area all asked me around 8500$ to 11000$ and strongly recommended me to invasalign .I got hold of my brother in law on skype and he explained me abt invisalign. Dentist do a week or two course for invalign they take impression and send to a lab and the computer splits of your moulds which you wear at night. Dentist just monitor the treatment and every month provide you a new plate (how easy work it is). Thats why many ppl recommend it (you dont require expert level knowledge to do that. lot of tv radio advertisement around it . For some cases its good option for others not its depend on case .

    one dentist in west melbourne offered me braces around 4500 but i doubted his knowledge he only talked about my upper jaw not much about other stuff(seriously one tooth cost 3k to get fixed when u get old and its not worth giving your 32 tooth to less experienced dentist. I visited a orthodontist in toorak he was spot on but bit arrogant and quoted me 11000 for the treatment.Finally when i consulted dr juhi yadav in east benteligh she was spot on her advise to exactly what my brother in law has told me before and quoted me 5500 for two year treatment n did not advised me on invisalign ,also for lingual braces the quote was around 9k . i think EBDG is big group one shop stop with like 9 dentist of different skills so everything was done under one roof so they can play on affordable price. My tooth got extracted from dr alex there itself and dr juhi had a word with him what she needs.They asked me 1500 for the deposit but i negotiated my way to 500 as i m a student myself and i m studying health law :). why don't you do a free consult and see how you go with your deposit or drop her a line on dr juhi "s personal site.

    Hi Steve,

    Lol yes it sounds like you have done your PHD on braces, I can imagine how frustrating it would be trying to find someone who can help you but who isn't overly expensive (although braces are quite expensive anyhow). You're very lucky that your brother inlaw helped you! What a shame that he does not live near you, I'm sure he would of gave you a big family discount (well you would hope haha). Your teeth and jaw sound like such a pain and so much work! I only have a little overbite but I have "vampire teeth" on my front teeth and my bottom teeth are crooked. They are not overly bad but I was always picked on about them during my school days and I am very self-conscious about myself, so fixing my teeth would really help me! Unfortunately my mum is a single parent and could never afford to get me braces (or any of my other 3 sisters). I am not really a fan of Invisalign and I haven't really heard good things about them (hygienic wise). Also, $11,000 is ridiculous!! I cannot believe that he would quote you that much!!

    My boyfriend has much worse teeth then me, he also has vampire teeth but his teeth are more jammed in and he has a massive overbite! A few years ago a dentist told him that he would have to get his jaw broken before he could get braces (ouch!) but he will eventually get a quote from an orthodonist when we can afford it (I am more paranoid about my teeth then he is about his).

    Is the first consultation free or do they charge for x-rays etc.? Also, how long have you had your braces on for now and how do they feel?

    Thank you so much for helping me and answering my questions, I was honestly about to give up with braces because I didn't think that I would be able to find a flexible orthodonist! I am going to call them tomorrow for a consultation! :)

    Thanks again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve19 View Post
    Hi Cat,

    the first appointment was free and i was advised to do my xrays from imaging center in hawthorn which works on bulk bill and so xray was free with ceph analysis. I had my braces for like couple of month.First week with braces i had like dull pain which faded away next week . I took panadol sometime but it was no big deal . I can see the effect on my face with my overbite looks like 30% inside and confidence up. I look allright but i was like you, very cautions about my overbite but now hopefully every thing will work out in next couple of years. But i think dr juhi was quite busy i have to wait like a three weeks for my free consultation, gave me sumtime to save money for my braces.

    steve :)
    Hi Steve,

    Oh that is great! I just gave them a call and am booked in for the 30th of May! Very excited and I also had a look at my health cover for Bupa (my mum has it and I am still covered cos I am only 19 and a student) and they will put $550 towards my braces which is great for me haha, makes it a bit easier!

    Thank you so much for all of your help Steve! I will keep you updated, all the best with you and your braces!

    Thanks again, Catherine :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve19 View Post
    Hi cat,

    I am glad I could help you with my experience and research on braces lol. My next braces appointment is on 24th may with dr juhi .Braces is the only treatment which generates excitement in dentistry. You can see the aesthetic change on you face and feel good when you look in mirror :). Good luck with your braces appointment and vampire smile :).

    Hi Steve, just an update! I did not make it to my appointment last Thursday due to my train being delayed for half an hour. I went into panic mode and thought I was only going to be 10-15 minutes late for my appointment but then my train was delayed for another 20 minutes. I rang the dental clinic (the first time) explaining I was going to be a bit late (well that I thought) and the receptionist I got was a bit rude, which put me off! When I found out my train was going to take longer, I was a bit to hesitant to call them back due to that receptionist but luckily when I called back I got another lady who was lovely!

    So I am booked in for this Thursday! Will keep you updated! :)

    Catherine :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve19 View Post
    Hi Cat,

    I went to see Dr juhi on 24th for arch-wire change, usually i try to book last appointment in the evening so that i get more time to ask my questions to the doc (This time she explained me what functional and aesthetic changes i will see in next three months ). There are two receptions at East Bentleigh Dental group , upstairs one which all Ortho patients go to are specifically for Ortho patients . Usually when u do last minute cancellations front desk has to do lot of call in and out and adjust the doctors schedule , that's why u will find the mood swings :) who cares i am there to see doctor not reception :). Also i find online some dentist are charging 880$ for retainer which you use after braces off and also ongoing appointment fee what a rip off .

    I just checked with dr juhi mine will be 250$ thankfully , make sure you ask about your after treatment procedures and retainer costs. I have also found ball park braces cost which is so hard to find on any orthodontic website in Melbourne .

    Affordable Braces Prices | Melbourne

    As you are 19 you still in growth phase ,so don't delay your orthodontic treatment . Good luck let me know how you go with your braces !

    Hi Steve!

    I'm glad you are still enjoying going to see dr juhi! I went to see her today and she is a lovely person and so is Ally the dental nurse! :) Dr juhi said my teeth are not to bad so my braces will only be on for about 12 months, 18 months at the maximum.

    The price I'm looking at is $5,500, $1,000 upfront and around $250-$300 per a month. Was the lowest I could get lol so I will have to work out my budget and see how I go! Dr juhi was great, she answered all of my questions and showed me all the different types of braces. She was really nice and funny, I did not feel uncomfortable at all, sometimes I go to places (dentist, doctors etc.) and they are difficult to talk too but dr juhi was very easy to talk too.

    Thank you for the link! And that does sound like a rip! I forgot to ask about how much the after treatment will cost (retainer wise). I'm hoping I can afford braces but as you said it's best not to delay it :)

    Thanks for all of your help Steve! :)


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    Hi Cat & Steve,

    I'm hoping you'll receive this thread post and will be able to help me! (Even though your posts were from 2013!)

    I'm looking to get braces and I've been searching for affordable and good orthodontics & I came across Dr Juhi
    I was wondering if you were both happy with the outcome so far? and whether you would recommend me going there?
    She would be by far the most affordable I have seen so far for braces for people my age (22)


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    A good Orthodontist in Munich such as Eugnath gives a practical guidance for any Orthodontic treatment. This services are affordable and convenient.



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