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  1. How often should I wear retainer?

    I had my braces taken off 6.5 years ago. I followed all the instructions my ortho gave me. After 6 months after having braces taken off he told me to wear it during the night only.

    Now that its 6.5 years since I had my braces taken off I still wear it nightly. How often can I wear it now?

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    Ask your ortho.

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    I use it everynight my otho told me to wear like that.

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    If you can, if they are still there could you contact your ortho?

    I find each Ortho recommends different. Some say all day for 6 months, then nightly, some say all day for a year and then nightly. After about a year a few nights a week.
    Braced for 33 months. Now wearing an upper & lower essix retainer and lower bonded retainer



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