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    Jan 2012
    Minnesota, USA

    Incognito and Speech -- 2 weeks in...

    Hi --

    I have had incognito braces on for 2 weeks now. While my speech has greatly improved since I first had them put on, it is definitely not back to normal. People still ask me things like "Is your mouth sore?" "Are you sucking on something?" It's so unbelievably frustrating. The posts on this forum about lingual braces and speech aren't terribly encouraging either and I'm starting to panic that this is how's it going to be for the long haul. That is not acceptable to me.

    The whole point of going with this type of orthodontics was to be discrete (incognito) and so far, with all the explaining I'm having to do, they are NOT incognito.

    As a single professional I am really worried this won't improve. My good friend who is a speech pathologists says to give it a month and it will get back to normal, but I'm not sure I believe it...

    Does anyone have any thoughts? Experiences?


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    For me, the first 2 weeks were the worst. Once my tongue had "toughened up", things were a lot better. Do give it a few more weeks before you make a decision. Hopefully things will settle down for you.

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    I'm also scared this will happen to me, I'm a week in and really struggled with my speech at first. I got my uppers on last week and my lowers on today, and my lowers have actually HELPED my speech... I think by balancing out my mouth! I would recommend you talk as much as you possibly can, even if its a struggle and soul destroying (because it was for me) but it DOES help... I'm just struggling a little with 's' sounds now.. Practice makes perfect! I also read somewhere that applying wax all the way along your brace will make it easier as it will mimick the usual smooth surface of your teeth.. I haven't tried it myself though! Good luck!

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    I love it...
    Dictionary definition :) dictionary.com
    1. having one's identity concealed, as under an assumed name, especially to avoid notice or "formal attentions".
    2. with the real identity concealed: to travel incognito. (real being the person I used to sound like)
    The only thing about these is that you cannot see them if your mouth is slightly open, but who am I kidding! Everyone knows that something is up with my speaking voice. My ability to sweet talk a person on the phone into giving me a discount for something in work has disappeared as they can hear my saliva. I'm off to an interview tomorrow. I am incredibly nervous about how I will lisp my way through it. If they didn't cost so much I'd have dismantled them with a tweezers by now.
    BTW does anyone have any experience of how soon after an extraction (on a visible part of my "smile") I can get a lump of composite or something stuck on to cover the gap. I have an event on in 3 weeks time and I need to cover the childish/ugly gummy look!
    How soon in treatment 3M should you be able to pronounce the word Physics? (4 weeks at approx. 150 times per day is more than practice) I have taken a look at all the brands you hold, and I'm buying none of your stuff anymore. What exactly do your R&D department do? Do you secretly run or hold shares in soft foods/soup products instead? For an outlet selling things that are adhesive based, you might want to take a look at the wax you provide as it sticks for all of 2 minutes and sneaks out of your mouth during conversation like Scholl party feet in open toe shoes after a night of dancing.

  5. Nice article consists of interesting information.

  6. it gets a whole lot better with time.

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    I have incognito braces and I have had them for about 5 weeks. No one can even tell that I have braces my speech is completely back to normal and trust me, for the first 2 weeks everyone was asking me about the way I was speaking....

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    Jun 2012
    Queensland, Australia
    I got my incognito put on (upper+lower) at the same time just under two weeks ago. I found getting them on really comfortable - I have had traditional braces previously - and the incognito was a much better experience. My talking straight after they were applied was pretty good but over the next couple of days I was refraining from talking at all. I got seriously depressed. It didn't last though. I am already talking better but getting the wire adjusted tomorrow because it is rubbing the back of my tongue which makes me sound like I have something on my tongue when I talk. Some work friends have said it sounds like I am slurring!! Really hope it gets back to normal soon but I am pretty hopeful.

    One tip I definitely have is reading the "Rainbow Passage" out loud at least once a day

    there are a couple of other speech exercises that you can do too.

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    Jun 2012
    Queensland, Australia
    I cannot use the wax. It is utterly useless with incognito braces as you cannot dry the section of your mouth near your tongue whereas you can with traditional braces.

    I found alcohol mouthwash the best thing over the first few days. Stings like all buggery but if you keep it in your mouth for about 2 minutes (you will get tears in your eyes!) it makes your tongue feel so much better.

    I struggled even eating soft foods like soups. Hot drinks like tea/coffee made my braces tighten and that meant that my teeth hurt! I am finally starting to eat solids now although biting on things like pizza crust I am still having trouble with but I'm handling it.

    I have seen a lot of reviews for incognito and there is a product called "gishy goo" that looks like it would work much better than normal braces wax. I just have no idea where to get it from. I am ok without it now though (so far...)

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    I have had my braces on for one week and my speech is awful. I have overcrowding up top and I am concerned that is making it worse. Does anyone have any advice about whether it will be like this for the long haul or if it will improve? I'm really getting depressed!

  11. really? I was in my first week and people notice did i have something in my mouth? even on the phone people thought i was eating with full mouth! oh no..this is terrible and frustrating..



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