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  1. New to this forum, just got Invisalign


    I got my Invisalign last Thursday and it's been quite an adjustment. I had the traditional braces when I was younger but have severe jaw pain from grinding at night. I'm older now and decided to get Invisalign and it's been rough. I'm on day 9 and last night couldn't get my bottom tray out and had to go to my dentist for help. The green plastic tool works great for my top tray but was using my thumb nails for the bottom trays and both thumb nails broke. My dentist's assistant gave me a metal dental tool to pry the bottoms out. I also got a pair of the blue dentist gloves which have a great grip. With the new tool and gloves I can now get the bottom tray out. Some of the inner bottom tray edges are flared as it was hurting my gums so my dentist fixed it so two teeth parts flare a bit but now those bits get caught on my tongue so I've had to retrain my tongue.

    My dentist says things will get easier with my next tray and I sure hope so. Not used to flossing/brushing three times a day so that has been a big change but one for the better.

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    do you find it that your teeth hurt more when you put them back in after brushing? im almost tearing up when my top ones are back on. but i've had mine put in yesterday and its so painful i dont wanna take them off again :( i hope this will pass

  3. meena,

    Well it's been a year and half now and I'm almost down to my last pair and then a night retainer will be ordered. When I first put my trays in every two weeks it kills for about 4 days and then I get used to it. Ever pair had to be filed it seems and I go very good and using a nail file to smooth them out. I no longer need the tool either unless it's day one of a new set. Sometimes I get bad cuts on my tongue etc. but I've just learned to deal with it all. Even out in public I've learned to put my head down slightly and take them out so as not to cause too much attention. I still don't like putting my trays on in the bathroom when others are around as it's a bit embarassing but sometimes I feel pretty bold.

    Are you still wearing yours?



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