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  1. Orthodontist recommended in London, UK, please?

    Hello everyone,

    I've eventually built up all the moral strength to get braces on. I'm back to University so the timing seems absolutely appropriate.
    I've visited an orthodontics practice, where I was referred to by the University dentist, and I'm not entirely happy with their opinion/attitude/cost. At least, I need an alternative opinion from another orthodontist. There seem to be so many clinics in London and so little reviews of them.

    Anyone's experience with orthodontics in London would be highly appreciated!!

    Thank you all in advance.

  2. Hello Vydumka

    I got my braces fitted earlier this week at LBDP (London Bridge Dental Practice) by Dr. Michael Akere. The practice is clean and friendly and Dr. Akere really made me feel at ease. I can only suggest you go for a few consultations until you find an orthodontist you feel completely comfortable with. x

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