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    teeth won't whiten!!

    Ok, so I never thought this stage in my treatment was going to cause a problem - how wrong was I! What am I doing wrong?!?

    My teeth just won't whiten!
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  2. Some teeth, simply don't whiten. Or they're as white as they're going to get. People are different. whitening doesn't always work.

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    I was literally just about to pm you josie about how you got on with your whitening after your braces were removed, then I saw this thread

    Was the Polanight not working when you made this thread? Did you make any progress since?
    Braced for 33 months. Now wearing an upper & lower essix retainer and lower bonded retainer

  4. My teeth won't whiten, either. It's driving me crazy! I have spent over 800 on whitening systems so far and my teeth are still yellow!
    • Started Invisalign on 9 January, 2012.
    • Initial Treatment: 27 upper, 26 lower, 13 attachments (7 upper, 6 lower).
    • Stopped at 21 upper, 20 lower (lateral incisor wasn't twisting into place).
    • Refinements: 27 upper, 27 lower, 19 attachments (13 upper, 6 lower).
    • Stopped at 13 upper, 13 lower (lateral incisor still wasn't twisting into place!).
    • Refinements: 28 upper, 28 lower, 13 attachments (10 upper, 3 lower).

    My website: Self-improvement Videos (SelfHelpVids.com)

  5. you don't have to brush three or four times...brushing twice a day with fitting system is enough....make certain that you don't drink abundance tea or java as they are the principle guilty parties of teeth staining. Separated from characteristic tooth whitening tips as specified there comes teeth whitening strips that accompanies extraordinary gel and a tray.
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