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  1. Incognito Braces - Keeps breaking!

    I have had my incognito braces for 3 months now and feel like giving up. I have had so many emergency appointments as the brackets keep coming off. I think i have had 6 come off so far (one of which i swallowed) and so many other appointments too as i'm always left with really sharp bits that i have to go back and have made less sharp. I'm not sure how much more time I can keep asking for off work. I'm wondering if this is only me or are other people experiencing this as well? Are other people experiencing brackets coming off and really sharp bits that they have to go back again about to get fixed? Would really appreciate your opinions as i dont know what to do and feeling pretty upset! Thank you.

  2. Hey, Sarah!

    I'm so sorry to hear your Incognito Braces are coming off. I'm the marketer for the braces in Canada. I've had my Incognito Braces on for over a year, and haven't had a bracket come off at all. It's not unheard of as there are a lot of reasons why a bracket can come off, though it's quite rare for someone to experience six in three months from what I understand. If you want me to investigate this a bit on our end, please contact me on my blog (3M.ca/IncognitoJacqui). I'm happy to do what I can to improve your experience from hereonin!

    As for the sharp bits, in my experience, it was only the ends of the archwire that I needed to have smoothed out (because I asked the doctor to cut the wire flush on my lower arch...totally my fault). Are the brackets themselves sharp?

    I'd like to help you out more, so please feel free to contact me any time. I love my Incognito Braces, and I am so grateful that you chose them for your treatment. I will do what I can to help you as I want you to love them as much as I do!!

    All the best,

  3. Hi Sarah,

    On the bracket disbonds I had similar-ish problems early on in my treatment. Did you get them all bonded at once with the trays? The "glue" they use is very sensitive to temperature if it's too warm when they do it they can be bonded too weakly. That's one problem but also early in my treatment I had to get extractions so had the brackets bonded but not full arch wires the brackets without the support were very weak and I also swallowed two brackets... :( never even realized! But mainly once you get the stronger wires it is much less likely you'll get disbonds (so I was told and it seems to be the case for me too, 2 first few months, one maybe 6 months then none following 6 months).

    On the sharp edges, yes had this... lots! Basically key is just to be really fussy with getting the ends rounded off. It's the last thing you want to be after a long appointment with your mouth open for ages getting a new wire fitted but could save 3 months of pain. Also won't mention the brand name but there is a two part orthodontic relief product which isn't wax (never get brackets dry enough for that) which is very good I've found for disbonds and unexpected sharp wire ends.

    So yes you're completely not alone. Though they seem tough to deal with once you see the results you'll be glad you went for these. I'd never have got normal braces but even with the problems these do amazing things.

    Hope that helps,



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