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  1. Canine Exposure Surgery Anesthesia?

    Hi guys!

    I've got another orthodontist appointment on Monday to discuss the options about my impacted canine, but being an impatient person:P there's a few questions i've been wanting to know!

    Will the surgery be at the Orthodontist or hospital?

    And am I likely to be under local or general anesthetic? (Ive got to have the 2 baby canines removed as well as the impacted canine dealt with).

    Thanks in advance :)

  2. #2
    Hello I'm sure you have gotten the surgery by now. My experience was in the hospit under general anesthesia. I had all 4 of my canines impacted with the baby teeth intact they removed them and exposed the adult canines. That was in July of 2011. Now all 4 have come through and the ortho just put brackets on all 4. I can't wait until it is all over and I have a beautiful smile. It was hard for me at first having 4 gaps in my mouth. I felt so embarrassed. But it's worth it all. I know it will be. I first got my braces in August of 2010. So it's been approximately two years and a lot of visits, pain, and eating soups!!! My teeth took about a year to all be seen and they are not even all the way down. So it is a long long process. but if you get this. Let me kno how long your tooth took to come down.



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