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    Jun 2012
    Queensland, Australia

    Incognito questions

    I already have incognito but just have a couple of questions :D

    - Does the wax work for you - doesn't seem to for me

    - Does the excess saliva go away?? I don't remember having this much with the traditional braces I had previously!!

    Also, does the initial pain/talking issues start again on each adjustment??

    Thank you :D

  2. Hi Kat,

    No wax never works for me I can never get it dry enough. I've just registered and don't want to seem a spammer but there is a two part orthodontic relief product which is good for "emergencys" (disbonds/prickly wire ends) or sore tongue but probably too pricey for daily use.

    I seem to have the excess saliva all the time, it's horrible but is just another one of those things we need to deal with when getting treatment I suppose. :(

    On the adjustment pain, I haven't had anything significant really. I'm a year in and haven't noticed it. A bit of what could best be described as sensitivity/discomfort eating directly after an appointment but it's more a concern that it feels like I'm biting harder because I can feel it more. Which then makes me worry I might take off a bracket.

    Hope it helps,

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    I gave up on wax. If you have real pokey problems, just call your ortho. Most pokey things stop poking my tongue after a few days when my tongue gets used to it.

    I was real drooly for a while but it went away. (I am 1 year into treatment).

    Pain/soreness goes away usually within two-three days. initially, it was a week. It gets better and you adjust to eating soft things for a few days after each adjustment.

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    Jun 2012
    Queensland, Australia
    Thanks. Turned out didn't need wax anyway :-) have had a good experience with the incognito so pretty happy. Can't wait to get them off now!! Can't believe I have had them on for almost 9 months already!!



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